Super Mario Home & Party Goods

New Super Mario Home & Party Goods

Nintendo have announced new Super Mario Home & Party Goods for release in Japan this Winter featuring Mario, Yoshi, and Super Mushroom!

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Mario Tennis Aces Adds Toad & Toadette Tennis Outfits

The May Participation Bonus in the Mario Tennis Aces May Online Tournament is the Toad Tennis Outfit (500 Participation Points) and the Toadette Tennis Outfit (1,000 Participation Points). The Co-op Challenge: Yoshi’s Ring Shot is also back with the Goal-Clear Bonus being coloured Yoshis (10,000 Points for Orange Yoshi, 25,000 for Pink Yoshi, and 40,000 for Light-Blue Yoshi). Screenshots added below…

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Yoshi Tour Now Available!

The Yoshi Tour has now begun in Mario Kart Tour adding Yoshi (Egg Hunt) and coloured Birdos as playable characters! Available in the first pipe are Yoshi (Egg Hunt), Bright Bunny, and Bright Glider. The featured tour gift is Baby Daisy with Red Turbo Yoshi and Red Yoshi for Gold Pass subscribers. This week’s ranked cup is the Yoshi Cup. Yoshi Tour trailer added below…

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