Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet Coming to Japan, Plus More news

H2 Interactive have announced they will publish the colourful first-person adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch in Japan in the near future. More news below…

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Yo-kai Gakuen Y Will be a Digital Release

Level-5 have revealed on the Yo-kai Gakuen Y website that the game will be a digital release and is still scheduled for Summer, but with free monthly updates, adding multiplayer, and more. TV commercial added below…

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More Yo-kai Gakuen Y Details

In more Yo-kai Gakuen Y ~Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu~details from the upcoming issue of CoroCoro Comic and translated for us by BlackKite: the game’s story development will drastically change based on your actions – you can aim for a specific goal like becoming popular among girls or becoming the school gang leader, with reactions from people around you changing. Clearing events and performing well in battles will also allow you to get “likes”. Yo-kai Gakuen Y releases this Summer. Pre-order the upcoming issue of CoroCoro Comic at this link.

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