Wario & Waluigi

Mario Tennis Aces Adds Wario & Waluigi Outfits

The July Participation Bonus in the Mario Tennis Aces July Online Tournament is the Wario Tennis Outfit and Waluigi Tennis Outfit!

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Mario Tennis Aces Adds Wario & Waluigi Outfits

The January Participation Bonus in the Mario Tennis Aces January Online Tournament is the Wario Tennis Outfit (500 Participation Points) and Waluigi Tennis Outfit (1,000 Participation Points). The Co-op Challenge: Shy Guy Train Tussle is also back with the Goal-Clear Bonus being coloured Shy Guys (2,500 Points for Orange, 10,000 for Light-Blue, and 20,000 for Pink). Screenshots for Wario, Waluigi, and Shy Guy added below…

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Waluigi (Bus Driver) Is Here!

Part 2 of Mario Kart Tour‘s London Tour is now live adding the pictured Waluigi (Bus Driver) as the spotlight content to the second pipe along with the Double-Decker and Soaring Jack. The featured tour gift is Baby Rosalina with Peachette for Gold Pass subscribers. The ranked cup is the Shy Guy Cup. Waluigi (Bus Driver) artwork added below…

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London Tour Now Available!

The London Tour has now begun in Mario Kart Tour and adds the new drivers Waluigi (Bus Driver), Daisy (Holiday Cheer), and Red Koopa (Freerunning), with Mario (Santa) remaining. Also added is the Ribbon Rider, the Glitter Glider, and the new London Loop course. The featured tour gift is Baby Rosalina with Peachette for Gold Pass subscribers. The highest tier has also increased from 20 to 40. This week’s ranked cup is the Peach Cup. Artwork and London Tour trailer added below…

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Waluigi Added to Mario Kart Tour

Waluigi can’t stand by and watch while Luigi gets all the attention…so he’s decided to join the Mario Kart Tour game in the next tour! He’s packing an offence-oriented special skill, so Luigi has a lot more to watch out for than just ghosts! Waluigi joins the also newly announced Luigi and King Boo. Waluigi Pinball stage pictured below…

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New Doctors Are Here!

Dr. Wario and Dr. Waluigi have joined Dr. Daisy as new Doctors in Dr. Mario World newly added to the game along with the new World 6. The new Assistants include Monty Mole, Thwomp, Fuzzy, and Mechakoopa. World 6 includes stages 201 through 220 with a Bob-omb as the reward for clearing.

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Dry Bowser Now Playable!

If you play at least one match of the July tournament in Mario Tennis Aces, you’ll be able to use the new character Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser is a special Defensive-type character type whose racket will not get damaged even if he fails to block his opponent’s Zone Shot. Unlike regular Bowser, the blue-flame-breathing Dry Bowser is good at hitting slice shots and can hit an especially powerful backhand.

If you play a match in the July Online Tournament and collect the necessary bonus points, you will acquire Wario and Waluigi in classic overalls. The Shy Guy Train Tussle co-op challenge mode has also returned where you could get Sky Blue, Orange, or Pink Shy Guys. Wario and Luigi pictured below along with coloured Shy Guys and Dry Bowser trailer. Full roster pictured here.

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Super Mario Party Week!

This week’s update to the official Nintendo LINE account sees Nintendo’s official mascot and this blog’s unofficial mascot Kinopio-kun celebrate the release of Super Mario Party with artwork of two-player with two Switch’s, a drawing of Waluigi and an advertisement for Nintendo Live 2018!

Two-player Super Mario Party

Waluigi drawing

Nintendo Live 2018

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