Virtual Console Found In Switch Data 

A Virtual Console section including ‘NES’, ‘SNES’, ‘Game Boy’, ‘Game Boy Color’, ‘Nintendo 64′, ‘Game Boy Advance’, ‘Nintendo DS’ and ‘Other’ categories has been found in the Nintendo Switch eShop JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) by KevDoy. No further information is available. 

Edit: Reddit user Tropiux says that this is found in the game store JSON and has been there since Switch launch. Read here for more.

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Virtual Console Not Coming To Switch 

Kotaku report that a Nintendo spokesperson has told them “There are currently no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems” and there is “nothing to announce” regarding other legacy platforms coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

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12 Super Famicom Virtual Console videos 

12 Super Famicom games (Demon’s Blazon, Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire II, Akumajou Dracula XX, Ganbare Goemon 2, Ganbare Goemon 3, Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Romancing Saga 2 and Famicom Tantei Club Part II) released earlier today on the Japanese New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Trailers for all 12 added below…

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Dragon Quest I, II and III coming to 3DS 

Square Enix have confirmed that Dragon Quest I-III will all release on Nintendo 3DS this month in Japan. Dragon Quest will release on 10 August priced at ¥648, Dragon Quest II will release on 10 August priced at ¥864 and Dragon Quest III will release in late August priced at ¥1,620. All mainline Dragon Quests will be playable on a Japanese 3DS by the end of this month. No news on any localisation at present. 


Nintendo wants to make Yoshi anime and more 

The following is from Nintendo’s 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders earlier today. Although there were few notes of interest, we’ll post anything noteworthy from the official translation at a later date. The below was kindly translated by Alex Aniel who attended the Shareholders meeting.

● President Tatsumi Kimishima stated in a question involving Kirby anime and others: “We’ll look into investing toward film” with Shigeru Miyamoto adding “We want to make anime for Pikmin, Star Fox, Yoshi, etc. and distribute it freely, or integrate into games.” 

● Tatsumi Kimishima also said regarding Nintendo 3DS: “3DS will pass 70 million this fiscal year and we want to continue providing software for it.” 

● Satoshi Yamato on Virtual Console who said they are: “Looking at ways to develop Virtual Console. Classic Mini is one form of Virtual Console. We can also sell physical. Looking to make it as big as we can.”

● And finally: Genyo Takeda has now officially retired as a full-time employee of Nintendo Co., Ltd.


Bomberman 64 and more release in Japan! 

Five new Wii U titles have released on the eShop today with Konami releasing the Nintendo 64 game Bomberman pictured above priced at ¥1,028 plus four Wii games with Capcom’s Takarajima Z: Barbaros no Hihou (Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure), Nintendo’s Excite Mou-Machine (Excitebots: Trick Racing), Konami’s Kage no Tou (Lost in Shadow) and Nintendo’s Kiki Trick. All Wii games are priced at ¥2,700 apiece. Trailers for Bomberman, Kiki Trick and Zack and Wiki added below…

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Four Wii games release on Wii U plus lots more 

Nintendo have just released four Wii games on the Wii U eShop out of nowhere with the New Play Control versions of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Pikmin and Pikmin 2 plus Odoru Made in Wario (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) all available priced at ¥2,700 each. Excitebike 64 also released out of nowhere on the Wii U Virtual Console priced at ¥1,028. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass 1 is available next week (30 June) for ¥2,500,

On Nintendo 3DS: Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Special Trial Version is now available along with Maru Pass! Homebuyers Examination Heisei 28th Edition (¥2,800) and Minna de Nanpure (¥500). Mighty Gunvolt Burst was announced for next week (28 June) priced at ¥980 with both The Game 15 Vol. 2 and Codename『3』 failing to meet the June window. The full version of Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology also releases (29 June).

And on Nintendo Switch: ACA NEOGEO Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai (¥823) and Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (¥1,800) will be available tomorrow. De Mambo should be available next week along with Dead House Saisei (¥1,000),  Photon³ (¥1,500), Physical Contact Speed (¥500) and a to be announced Neo Geo game. Lego City Undercover (¥6,156/¥5,616) also releases along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass 1 (¥2,500).