New Super Nintendo World Key Visual

Universal Studios have posted a new key visual for SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. The aim is to open before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a Peach Castle, Bowser Castle, Mario Kart attraction, Yoshi attraction, shops and restaurants all confirmed. Many thanks to Naruki.

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Super Nintendo World Construction Photos

The latest construction photos of Super Nintendo World below. Super Nintendo World is expected to open at Universal Studios Japan in Spring 2020. The views are from the New York area with the Bowser castle and Princess Peach castle likely to be areas ① and ② respectively. Images thanks to @LCASTUDIOS_USJ.

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Super Nintendo World Adds Yoshi’s Adventures

As mentioned in today’s daily update, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is scheduled to open in Spring 2020 with two rides: one based on Super Mario Kart and the newly announced Yoshi’s Adventures. The whole land is interactive with a magnetic wristband which features the red Mario symbol which interfaces with a game console (presumably Nintendo Switch). More information can be found here with a GameXplain video here.

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Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Studios Japan 

Nintendo have confirmed that the Universal Studios Japan Nintendo-themed area will be called Super Nintendo World and will open in Osaka before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Development cost is expected to exceed ¥50 billion ($450 million). Super Nintendo World promises state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops and restaurants,.

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Theme Park rumours and shares up another 12.73%!

● Huge catch-up day of news. Universal Studios are reportedly going to open the Nintendo area within the Osaka theme park by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at a cost of ¥50 billion ($500 million), which is substantially more than the ¥40 billion cost for the Harry Potter area with a number of attractions expected. Expect an official announcement later this year (source).

Nintendo Co. Ltd. share prices on Monday closed at 20,260 up an amazing 24.5% with Tuesday closing at 22,840, up another 12.73%! Pokémon GO still hasn’t launched in Japan. Rumours state ‘this week’ but this is not officially confirmed.

Puchikon No. 3 SmileBASIC has been temporarily removed from the eShop due to homebrew exploitations. A new update is waiting to be approved and it should be re-added shortly. The website ( has also received an upgrade.

● The full name for the Saiki Kusuo game is Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan: Shijou Psi Dai no Psi Nan!? with the teaser website launching at

Puzzle & Dragons X (God and Dragon chapters) are available for pre-load priced at ¥4,400 apiece and requiring 9,927 blocks.

● If you haven’t seen the front page yet, honto for Nintendo 3DS (the children’s digital comic and picture book app) has been removed from the eShop with immediate effect with no stated reason.

● The early purchase benefits of Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi: Kikansha Thomas-hen Oigawa Tetsudou have been revealed here with a soundtrack CD and a special QR card.

● The all-new Mechanic Arms 3DS eShop game due in late July will be 533 blocks and ¥500. Expect a reveal very soon!

● In notable Comgnet rankings for the week: Monster Hunter X has 108 points (Comg are holding a promotion until 31 July with a free game with each copy bought), Culdcept Revolt opening with 49 points and Minecraft: Wii U Edition showing legs with 23 votes.

Yokai Watch 3 is up to 420 points in Comgnet reservations with Etrian Odyssey V at 98 votes, Puzzle & Dragons X at 79 and Dragon Ball Fusions at 35. It’s worth noting that Pokémon Sun Moon pre-orders open in a few days.

● In Miitomo Drop, the second Splish Splash Party! Stylish Sea Series stage is now available which includes a dolphin onesie (well, twosie!).

● Off-screen video footage of Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi-hen here.

● The Japanese collaboration trailer of Armed Blue Gunvolt 2 and Shovel Knight here.

● CoroCoro video for Yokai Watch 3 here featuring the Yokai Dream Medals.

● A BB-8 character video for the Japanese release of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens here.

● An Etrian Odyssey V Battle Song FM Sound Ver. video here.

Pokkén Tournament arcade update overview video on 14 July (Thursday) at 20:00 JST over at niconico.

● Finally, the next Skipmore game after Fairune II is this awesome looking smartphone game 1-Bit Rogue.

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Universal Studios Yokai Watch Festival

The Yokai Watch Universal Festival is coming to Japan from 1 July – 4 September with several attractions including Yokai Watch 3 THE REAL which is a 25 minute ‘Adventure-type walk-through’ attraction with the visitor searching on his/her Yokai Pad for many Yokai but beware of the Boss Yokai! 

Also announced is the Dissolution Gymnastics THE REAL attraction where you get to dance with Jibanyan and friends (see above!) and Yokai Watch 3 THE RALLY which is a 60 minute ‘Adventure Rally’ with the visitor rewarded for finding a Yokai on his/her Yokai Pad with a rare Yokai Medal!

Finish off with the Yokai Watch Studio Stars Restaurant with themed Yokai Watch food prepared by Whisper including the yummy looking Jibanyan chocolate strawberry mousse and Komasan white chocolate mousse desserts! Go to for tons more details and pictures and view the TV commercial below. I want to go SO bad!

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