New Super Nintendo World Key Visual

Universal Studios have posted a new key visual for SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. The aim is to open before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a Peach Castle, Bowser Castle, Mario Kart attraction, Yoshi attraction, shops and restaurants all confirmed. Many thanks to Naruki.

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Super Nintendo World Construction Photos

The latest construction photos of Super Nintendo World below. Super Nintendo World is expected to open at Universal Studios Japan in Spring 2020. The views are from the New York area with the Bowser castle and Princess Peach castle likely to be areas ① and ② respectively. Images thanks to @LCASTUDIOS_USJ.

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Super Nintendo World Adds Yoshi’s Adventures

As mentioned in today’s daily update, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is scheduled to open in Spring 2020 with two rides: one based on Super Mario Kart and the newly announced Yoshi’s Adventures. The whole land is interactive with a magnetic wristband which features the red Mario symbol which interfaces with a game console (presumably Nintendo Switch). More information can be found here with a GameXplain video here.

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Super Nintendo World Maybe Two Levels 

The Super Nintendo World attraction at Universal Studios Japan may become the first two-story area at the theme park, with the entrance possibly being on the second level. The image below shows the layout of Super Nintendo World, which lies in-between the Jaws and WaterWorld areas.

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Miyamoto talks Super Nintendo World 

In an interview earlier today with Game Watch, Shigeru Miyamoto says he would like hardware to have a lifespan of longer than five years and that if a lot of people bring their Nintendo Switch consoles to Super Nintendo World then there is a possibility of interaction between the attraction and their Switch. Miyamoto selected a Mario Kart attraction and says it is a “it is a completely new style”.

Miyamoto again emphasises that he wants Super Nintendo World to help introduce their IP to young people and not just their existing fan-base as “gaming machines are not necessarily the first digital equipment [anymore]”. Nintendo wouldn’t be able to undertake such a venture without Universal Studios’ help as they would “need to hire tens of thousands of people”.

The article also states that part of the group supervising Nintendo’s characters have moved to the United States and are in direct communication with Seattle and Orlando Universal Studios. Miyamoto says that Universal Studios are huge fans of Nintendo and “know better than we [do]!” and claims that late President Hiroshi Yamauchi once said “We could make a Nintendo Park in Kyoto.”

The total cost of all the attractions is over 60 billion yen and that multiple attractions are planned other than the recently announced Mario Kart. There is no answer yet to the question of a Super Nintendo World in China and the focus is on opening up Super Nintendo World “while looking at the long-term vision”. Super Nintendo World is expected to open in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Super Nintendo World Groundbreaking Ceremony 

The full groundbreaking ceremony of the Super Nintendo World construction beginning celebration at Universal Studios Japan featuring Shigeru Miyamoto and Super Mario! I’ve also added a Sankei News report from the ceremony and a couple of Famitsu videos. Many, many thanks to Naruki for the heads-up! 

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