Taiko no Tatsujin × UNDERTALE

Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced that Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version! will receive an UNDERTALE DLC pack on 10 October priced at ¥400 + tax and adding three new songs (MEGALOVANIA, Heartache, and Hopes and Dreams). There will also be UNDERTALE DLC in Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! (see this post for more details). Screenshots added below…

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Groove Coaster Adds UNDERTALE DLC

The upcoming Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! game for Nintendo Switch will add the tracks Android Girl by DECO*27 and The Light by W&W ft. Kizuna AI to the base game as well as DLC packs featuring UNDERTALE and Dempagumi.inc. Read more about Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! at this post.

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To celebrate the inclusion of a Sans Mii Fighter Costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, UNDERTALE is currently 33% off on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop and priced at just ¥1,085 until 19 September. Purchase the packaged version here – use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

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New Mii Fighter Costumes

As well as Terry Bogard being announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Banjo-Kazooie available today, more DLC fighters in development, Version 5.0 marking the return of the Home Run Contest; new paid Mii Fighter Costumes were also announced for later today with Goemon from Mystical Ninja (Swordfighter), Proto Man from Mega Man (Gunner), Zero from Mega Man X (Swordfighter), Team Rocket from Pokémon (Brawler), and Sans from UNDERTALE (Gunner). Screens and trailer added below…

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Nintendo Switch eShop Charts

  1. UNDERTALE (Hachinoyon)
  2. FINAL FANTASY IX (Square-Enix)
  3. Futari de!Nyanko Daisensou (PONOS)
  4. Minecraft (Mojang)
  5. Gyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodo Selection (Capcom)
  6. SMASHING THE BATTLE (Platinum Rocket)
  7. Dairantou Smash Bros. SPECIAL (Nintendo)
  8. Stardew Valley (Chucklefish)
  9. Overcooked 2 (Team17)
  10. Human: Fall Flat (Teyon Japan)

Notes: Period counted 21 – 27 February. UNDERTALE is the new number one! New entries and preloads bolded. Next week sees BATTLLOON, Forgotton Anne, and more. Nintendo 3DS charts below with Link’s Awakening DX at number 6…

Nintendo 3DS eShop Charts

  1. Tobidasu!Nyanko Daisensou (PONOS)
  2. Bokujou Monogatari: Mitsu no Sato no Taisetsu na Tomodachi (Marvelous)
  3. Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e… (Square-Enix)
  4. Pocket Monsters Crystal (Nintendo)
  5. Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition (Microsoft Japan)
  6. Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima DX (Nintendo)
  7. Dragon Quest II: Akuryou no Kamigami (Square-Enix)
  8. Ice Station Z (Wobbly Tooth)
  9. Battleminerz (Wobbly Tooth)
  10. Dragon Quest (Square-Enix)
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Favourite Videogame Characters*

  1. Kirby (Kirby) – 201
  2. Sans (UNDERTALE) – 195
  3. Link (The Legend of Zelda) – 96
  4. Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
  5. Papyrus (UNDERTALE)
  6. Inkling (Splatoon)
  7. Pikachu (Pokémon)
  8. Mettaton (UNDERTALE)
  9. Undyne (UNDERTALE)
  10. Mario (Super Mario)
  11. Luigi (Super Mario)
  12. Meta Knight (Kirby)
  13. Yoshi (Super Mario)
  14. Ness (Mother)
  15. Frisk (UNDERTALE)
  16. Eevee (Pokémon)
  17. Toriel (UNDERTALE)
  18. Flowey (UNDERTALE)
  19. Mr. Saturn (Mother)
  20. Waddle Dee (Kirby)

* as popular with the readers of Nintendo DREAM magazine, and taken from the February 2019 issue. Only the first three characters have their points revealed. The high cast of UNDERTALE characters is likely due to a covermount CD in the December issue. You can buy physical copies of Nintendo DREAM here – use the code JPNINTENDO for $3 off!

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