Little Town Hero Videos

The latest video of Game Freak’s brand new RPG, Little Town Hero, with a newer video coming on 27 September and a Celebration Live Stream for Game Freak’s 30th anniversary on 16 October.

Edit: character trailer, combat system trailer, gameplay video, and release special also added…

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Toby Fox Composing Little Town Hero

Game Freak have revealed that Toby Fox of UNDERTALE fame will be composing the soundtrack for the upcoming RPG Little Town Hero (formerly TOWN) alongside Hitomi Sato who has been with Game Freak since Pokémon Crystal . The game’s director will be Masao Taya who has been with Game Freak since Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and who had previously directed Pocket Card Jockey (Soliti Horse). Little Town Hero releases on on 17 October priced at ¥2,700. Promo video added below…

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Little Town Hero Dated

Game Freak have just announced that their RPG Little Town Hero (TOWN) for Nintendo Switch release on 17 October with preloads live after the Direct priced at ¥2,700, requiring 1.9 GB and supporting English. Japanese trailer added below…

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