Toraware no Palm Refrain Gameplay

Gameplay footage for Capcom’s Toraware no Palm Refrain taken from Denjin☆Getcha! Purchase the packaged version of Toraware no Palm Refrain at this link.

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Toraware no Palm Refrain Preload

Capcom’s Toraware no Palm Refrain is now available to preload on the Japanese Switch eShop priced at ¥3,990 (the “Deluxe Edition” is also available to preload for ¥6,990 containing the game’s three lots of DLC which are each priced at ¥1,500 if purchased separately). Toraware no Palm Refrain supports Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) languages only, requires 1.2 GB (the DE requires 1.3 GB), and launches on March 12, 2020. Pre-order the packaged version here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

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Toraware no Palm Refrain Announced

Capcom have announced the romance adventure game Toraware no Palm Refrain for 12 March 2020 release on Nintendo Switch. This will be Capcom’s fourth and final game playable at Jump Festa ’20 this weekend. Toraware no Palm Refrain will be playable in all three modes with the mobile mode also including vertical play, with touchscreen play possible in mobile and table modes.

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Toraware no Palm Preloads

Capcom’s romance adventure game Toraware no Palm is now available to preload on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop priced at ¥3,990 or ¥5,990 for the Deluxe Edition with two additional content packs (which are each priced at ¥1,500). The game requires 1.5 GB and supports Japanese and Chinese language. Preorder the packaged version here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off. Promo video added below…

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Tuesday Update:Toraware no Palm Announced For Switch, Smash, Splatoon 2, & 3DS Updates, Plus Much More News!

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● Capcom announced a port of their popular romantic adventure game Toraware no Palm for release on Nintendo Switch on 30 August. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be localised (the original mobile version wasn’t), although the game is aimed at collectors with several retail versions planned, plus two tiers for the digital version (one with all the episodes, and one without). Check out the box art, contents, and promo video at this post.

● Nintendo announced that a Version 3.1.0 update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will over the next few days, with at least fighter adjustments.

● Nintendo also announced a Version 4.8.0 update to Splatoon 2 which releases in a few hours time, delivering weapon adjustments and bug fixes.

Nintendo World Report report that you can’t play online with friends in Super Mario Maker 2. GameXplain later verified this report.

● Unity Technologies Japan announced that Unity supports the VR Goggles from the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit, meaning that developers can use Unity to develop software which support VR Goggles.

● Koei Tecmo Games opened up the official website for Ryza no Atelier ~Tokoyami no Joou to Himitsu no Kakurega~ (Atelier Ryza: Queen of the Everlasting Darkness and the Secret Hideout). Check out the box art, screenshots, and artwork at this post.

Fire Emblem Fuuka Setsugetsu (Fire Emblem: Three Houses) will again be covered in this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu. Check out the teaser scan, new artwork, and some details at this post. Super Mario Maker 2 will also be covered in this week’s issue.

● CIRCLE Ent. announced they will be publishing the Lose/Yeti visual novel game Maitetsu -Pure Station- globally this Winter, supporting Japanese, English, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

● Idea Factory/Otomate updated/opened the websites for Tlicolity Eyes -Twinkle Snowtime- here, Piofiore no Banshou -ricordo- here, Katakoi Contrast -Collection of Branch- here, Jakou no Lyla ~Trap of MUSK~ here, and Hakuoki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou here.

● Flyhigh Works have updated Cytus Alpha to Version 1.0.3 fixing numerous bugs.

● Freestyle Games announced the 1-vs-3 (or 3-vs-1!) hide-and-seek style action game Obakeidoro! for release on the Nintendo Switch eShop world-wide this Summer. Check out the trailer here.

● Pygmy Studio newly announced the action game Monken Crush for Switch, which will be at BitSummit 7 Spirits alongside Bokosuka Wars II. There’s no other details for Monken Crush other than this screenshot.

● UNTIES’ BitSummit line-up includes Gensou SkyDrift (Summer release), Giraffe and Annika (2019 release), Märchen Forest ~Complete Edition~ (2019 release), TOKYO DARK -Remembrance- (2019 release), OLIJA (2019 release), and last-but-not-least, The Tower of Permanence -or Tokoyo no Tou– (2019 release).

● Other announcements from UNTIES for BitSummit include Cat nigiri’s sliding puzzle game Keen and Skeleton Crew Studio’s 2D brawler BackSlash. The latter was actually revealed in an episode of NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time a couple of years ago, but nothing has been heard of it since.

● Two more Nintendo Switch games at BitSummit include the Hamster martial arts game Hamsterdam from Muse Games and the co-op puzzle adventure game Mørkredd from Hyper Games. As always, check out the SCHEDULE for the up-to-date list of upcoming Japanese releases.

● Konami revealed the full Contra Anniversary Collection line-up with Contra (Arcade, NES, and Famicom versions), Super Contra (Arcade), Super C (NES), Operation C (Game Boy), Contra: Hard Corps (Genesis), Probotector (Mega Drive), Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES), and Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (SNES).

● Hamster updated Arcade Archives Psycho Soldier where it is now possible to select the overseas (English) version.

● Nintendo updated the Nintendo 3DS family of systems to Version 11.10.0-43J where “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.

● Nintendo and Yahoo announced an unlikely teaming up for some Hack Kids in Tokyo classes for parents and children on 15 July, and which will utilise the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, where both parents and children can use the Toy-Con Garage VR to programme their own VR games.

● The Nintendo Switch Online 7-day free trial ticket has been re-added to My Nintendo for 100 Platinum Points, and now expires on 27 June 2019. Check out the full list of Rewards at this page.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares increased today by +380 (0.98%) in Japan today to close trading for the day at 39,110.00 JPY.

● Japanese studio G-STYLE Co., Ltd. who have released several games for Nintendo 3DS and DS (including Alien on the Run, Chain Blaster, Crazy Construction, Jump Trials, and Undead Bowling) deleted their Twitter account today “Due to various circumstances”. They haven’t released a game in over two years.

● Square Enix will release a werewolf-based card game called Dragon Quest Zinrou later on in 2019.

● The first of the STEINS;GATE 10th Anniversary projects will be revealed tomorrow (29 May) at 22:00 on a livestream airing on niconico.

● And check out our translated review from Weekly Famitsu for BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! here.

● The second promo video for Shingeki no Kyojin 2 -Final Battle- (Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle) here.

● A promo video for Yumeutsutsu Re:Master here (I *think* it’s the first one re-uploaded!).

● A trailer for Keotoshi!Treasure Hunter! here.

● A live play video of Maldita Castilla -Don Ramiro to Norowareta Daichi- here.

● And a promo video for the Armored Mewtwo Action Figure here.

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Toraware no Palm Announced For Switch

Capcom have just announced a Nintendo Switch port of the mobile romance simulation game Toraware no Palm for 30 August release! You control a female councillor who must bring back the memories of a young man, Haruto Kisaragi, who has amnesia and is being detained on an island. Toware no Palm originally released on iOS and Android as an episodic release back in 2016 and offers play in either Japanese or Traditional or Simplified Chinese (voice is Japanese only).

The Switch version has a planned retail release priced at ¥6,468 for the Deluxe Edition or ¥9,709 for the Collector’s Edition with more expensive e-Capcom editions also announced . The download version will be ¥3,989 for the standard, with two additional content packs at ¥1,500 each or ¥5,989 for the Deluxe Edition with both. Promo video added below along with box art and limited edition contents. More follows. Many thanks to Naruki.

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