Kinopio-kun Celebrates Food Week!

This week’s update to the official Nintendo LINE account sees mascot Kinopio-kun look at food from various Nintendo Switch games including Kirby Star Allies, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

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Weekend Spotlight: Toad and Toadette 

This weekend in Super Mario Run, Toad and Toadette take the spotlight! The items you can get from Remix 10′s Super Bonus Game will all be related to these two. Appearance Rates are: Toad Topiary – 20%, Toadette Topiary – 20%, 8-bit Toad Statue – 20%, Toad Statue – 12%, Toadette Statue – 12% and Gold Toad Statue – 8%.

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Super Mario Family Museum Collection

Uniqlo are releasing a Super Mario Family Museum collection of T-Shirts on 01 April across its store with a number of Super Mario themed designs priced at ¥990 for adults or ¥790 for children. The exterior of the Shinsaibashi will also light up from 29 March-mid April with something like this! If you purchase any of the collection, you will also receive an original shopping bag while stocks last. A Splatoon collection is also planned for 22 April (post coming soon). Some of the designs pictured below…





Original Shopping Bags

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Toad Fansite Now Open!

It’s not very often I post any positive site news, but here it is! I am proud to announce that the world’s only Toad fansite Toad Town is now open! Many thanks to Leigh Davis of the awesome No Marios blog for providing the artwork! The website is pretty sparse at the moment with profiles for just four Toads, but Cat Toad will be added over the next few days, and you can vote for who you want to see next on the Toad Twitter account!

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Physical Toad Picnic Rewards! 

The latest My Nintendo Rewards in Japan are physical rewards redeemable at the My Nintendo Store with a Kinopio Leisure Sheet (90cm x 60cm) for 400 Platinum Points, a Kinopio Bandana for 400 Platinum Points, a Kinopio Tote Bag for 400 Platinum Points, or all for for 1,200 Platinum Points. Please note that domestic shipping is required (¥540) if spending less than ¥5,000. There is no international shipping. More pictures added below…

Kinopio Leisure Sheet

Kinopio Leisure Sheet

Kinopio Leisure Sheet

Kinopio Bandana

Kinopio Bandana

Kinopio Tote Bag

Kinopio Tote Bag

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Kinopio-kun Celebrates White Day

This week’s update to the official Nintendo LINE account sees Kinopio-kun celebrate White Day with a new profile picture (above), plus artwork for Boo, Yoshi, KK Slider, Blooper, Samus, and himself (below).







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Kinopio-kun Plays Happy Homeroom!

This week’s update to the official Nintendo LINE account sees Kinopio-kun play the Happy Homeroom feature in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Above is a picture of his room and below are the judges! There’s also some March calendar month smartphone wallpaper (at this link).


たくはいピザ!(pizza delivery)

プレスベンチ!(press bench)

スタンドマイク!(microphone stand)

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Kinopio-kun Gets A Telescope!

This week’s update to the official Nintendo LINE account sees Kinopio-kun showing off with the telescope he got at a year-end party with the constellations he can see from Japan! Below are the findings. Check out a December month smartphone wallpaper too here.






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Mario Tennis Ace Update Announced

Nintendo have announced a Version 2.2.0 update to Mario Tennis Ace(s). The full patch notes are in Japanese here and in English here. Notable changes include:-

  • Added Court Selection screen to Free Play and Swing Mode.

  • Co-op Challenge Boo Hunt returns (until 01 March 2019) and can acquire three different-colored Boo visors (pictured below).

  • Added the Hosted Match mode which allows players to easily compete against each other in singles matches through LAN Play or Online Play.

Please note: the update is scheduled for 10:00 JST on 01 February (17:00 PT on 31 January). In addition: Luma will be available to all players (see here) and Boom Boom will be available in the Online Tournament (see here). The February play bonus costume of the Online Tournament is the Toad Tennis Wear  (pictured).

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