Super Nintendo World Trademarks

Nintendo Co., Ltd., has applied for six new trademarks in Japan related to Super Nintendo World with ピーチ城 (Peach’s Castle), Peach’s Castle, クッパ城 (Bowser’s Castle), Koopa’s Fortress, Power Up Band, and パワーアップバンド (Power Up Band).

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Super Nintendo World News Coming Tomorrow

Universal Studios Japan have announced that Super Nintendo World news is coming tomorrow at 12:00 JST (13 January at 19:00 PT). It’s possible that the opening date will be announced. Prebiously, USJ stated they intend to open Super Nintendo World by the time of Tokyo 2020 (July).

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Super Nintendo World Construction Photos

The latest construction photos for Super Nintendo World and how it looks as of 12 January 2020. Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (see this post for the key visual). The photos below show early images of the build of the Yoshi ride. Images thanks to @LCASTUDIOS_USJ. Edit: post updated with first images of the construction of the outer wall of Bowser’s Castle and the outer wall of Super Nintendo World, which is being painted olive.

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Super Nintendo World Recruitment Begins!

Universal Studios Japan are starting recruitment today for positions at Super Nintendo World which opens in 2020. There will be 2,500 job opportunities in 35 different areas, paid at a minimum of ¥1,060 ($9.7) per hour. USJ make mention of the Mario Kart attraction as well as shops and restaurants and the future Yoshi attraction. Details of how to apply will be at this page.

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