Flyhigh Express

Flyhigh Express Announced

All the announcements from Flyhigh Works’ latest Flyhigh Express broadcast from October 21st including Picontier news, and more!

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Tuesday Update with Super Meat Boy teased, Kamiko announced, Metal Slug confirmed, Alliance Alive demo, Ice Station Z localisation and more news! 

Super Meat Boy Forever was teased yesterday by Team Meat as ‘might’ be coming to Nintendo Switch.

ACA NEOGEO Metal Slug is coming to the Switch eShop this Thursday for ¥823.

The Alliance Alive is seeing a demo on the 3DS eShop this Thursday also!

Ice Station Z was confirmed for Japan next week for ¥500 with Wobbly Tooth publishing.

Kamiko is an all new Switch eShop game from the Fairune developers Skipmore coming in April for ¥500 with Flyhigh Works publishing.

Paprium is the name of a new physical Mega Drive/Genesis game from Pier Solar developers WaterMelon releasing on 16 September including a Japanese cartridge.

Nintendo Switch System Update Version 2.1.0 this morning offering general system stability improvements.

Gurumin 3D Twitter account teased a Kickstarter with a stretch goal for a 3DS physical version.

Splatoon 2 official translation for the Global Testfire aftermath: ”We here at Squid Research Lab deeply appreciate that so many people participated in the Testfire last weekend. Thanks to such a fine group of test subjects, our research is making great progress. We can confirm that Splatoon 2 will include many different features than seen in the Testfire, and we look forward to reporting on these continuous findings leading up to the game’s launch this summer.“

Fire Emblem Heroes will see two mystery super heroes appear on Thursday,

Miitomo saw the return of the ‘The deciding battle! The Miitomo Age’ Miitomo Drop stage until Friday.

Shizue (Isabelle) is yet again the most popular videogame character with the readers of the girls’ magazine Picopuri.

Poké Toru (Pokémon Shuffle) has been downloaded 13 million times worldwide on mobile with 10,000 coins and 30 lives as a thank you.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z ‘Extreme Expedition’ tomorrow on Wii U with a side portion of maintenance.

Daigasso! Band Brothers P will have the last ever physical meet-up on 22 April in Tokyo.

GEO (Japanese store) expect Nintendo Switch hardware shortages until after Golden Week (May).

Yokai Yorozumart (Yokai Watch Shop) will www two more stores open up with a Hokkaido store from 21 April and a Tokushima store from 24 April 0 31 October.