Nintendo Presents Style Boutique Trademark

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a Nintendo Presents Style Boutique (known as “Style Savvy” in North America and “Girls Mode”) trademark (商願2020-5304) in Japan. This is in addition to the trademark last week which included “video game program” and “smartphone program” (see this post). This application covers “provision of goods and services” and all areas related. Actual application added below. [Thanks, J-PlatPat]

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Style Savvy and Wave Race coming to Wii U

Next week on the Wii U Virtual Console sees the NDS game Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode (Style Savvy) priced at ¥950 and the N64 game Wave Race 64 priced at ¥1,028. The 3DS eShop sees three more moving mangas of Keshikasu-kun (¥100 each) and two of Grandpa Danger (again ¥100 each).

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