Nintendo Shares Up 6% This Week

After Nintendo Switch launched in mainland China today, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (7974.T) shares have soared by almost 6% (5.88%) already this week in Japan and are again at an almost 19 month high of 46,370.00 JPY.

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Nintendo Stock at 19 Month High

After an incredible launch of the Pokémon Sword & Shield games, a subsequent spike in Nintendo Switch sales, expected excellent Black Friday in the U.S., and news for the mainland Chinese market promised for 04 December; Nintendo Co., Ltd. (7974.T) stock has increased by almost 5% (4.76) already this week in Japan to close trading by the end of Tuesday at 44,390.00 JPY. This is the highest level since May 2018, almost 19 months.

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Nintendo Stock Highest Since Before e3 2018

With just two days to go before the Nintendo Switch launches, Nintendo Co., Ltd. stock increased today by +500 (1.19%) in Japan to close trading for the day at 42,390.00 JPY, the highest level for almost 16 months, on 30 May 2018, just before the E3 trade show of the year where shares plunged following the event due to a lack of major new software reveals.

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Nintendo Shares at 6 Month High UPDATED

Upon the news of Nintendo and Tencent stepping closer to a potential Nintendo Switch release in China, Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares are at their highest level for six months, increasing by +15.92% to close trading for lunch at 39,820 JPY. Post to be updated with final number at close of trading (15:00 JST). U.S. trading closed +12.24% yesterday, closing at 43.46 USD.

Edit: stock has closed for the day at +14.12% to finish trading at a new six month high of 39,200 JPY!

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Super cute Pokémon plushies and more!

● These five super cute Pokémon plushies will be available in The Pokémon Center from 26 March priced at ¥1,296 each. Alternatively buy them as keyrings for ¥864.

● Arc System Works today announced a brand new detective game on 3DS called CHASE. It’ll release on the eShop this Spring.

● Nintendo’s first mobile game Miitomo will release next week (17 March). Pre-registration is open until the 16th.

● It’s Fire Emblem if week on Nintendo’s official LINE account including smartphone wallpaper, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess week on Nintendo Badge Arcade with nine panels of badges.

● Today’s videos see a music video for the new Assassination Classroom game at, a new TV commercial for Monster Hunter X at and the second promo video for River City Ransom SP at

● Finally, Nintendo Co. Ltd. stocks are down slightly to close the week at 16,115.0 although they have seen a gradual increase throughout the week.

New Inazuma Eleven hinted at

● Akihiro Hino has tweeted confirming that new animation and games are to be revealed at Level-5 Vision 2016. No date for the Vision but expect Yokai Watch 3 and Snack World news plus a new Inazuma Eleven and more Yokai Watch spin-offs! See IE hint at @akihirohino.

My Hero Academia: Battle For All has finally been dated and will be available from 19 May at retail and at digital priced at ¥6,156.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 is available to pre-load on the eShop now for ¥5,670. A download card is also on sale now. Expect a demo this week.

● If you missed the news from yesterday then Gyakuten Saiban 6 has also been dated
for 9 June priced at ¥6,264 at retail or ¥5,989 at digital.

● A huge free update for Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 has been announced adding Demon Realm characters to the game. No date at present.

● If you missed the Etrian Odyssey V: The End of the Long Myth trailer then it is at

● A new trailer too for Escape Fantasy: Alice in Escape Land which releases this week at

● Another The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD developer interview at

● And the Japanese Disney Art Academy trailer at

● This week’s Comgnet Rankings: Haikyu!! Cross team match! has 58 points combined, Mario & Sonic AT Rio Olympics has 39 points with the new Doraemon opening with just 15;-(

● And in Comgnet Reservations: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 has 171 points, Yokai Sangokushi has 83 points and Pokkén Tournament has 59.

● Finally, last week’s Nintendo Co. Ltd. stocks saw a nice increase at 16,665.0 although this week’s has started at 15,805.0!

Yokai Sangokushi dated/Zelda Musou demo

● Another late and brief update (I’ve had both work and uni) but in some great news Yokai Sangokushi has been dated for 2 April and priced at ¥4,968. Go to for more information.

Zelda Musou: Hyrule All-Stars has a demo code inside the current CoroCoro (available now) with the demo assuredly coming to the eShop next week too. Another gameplay video is at

● Five panels of Mario Kart 8 badges and five panels of Pokémon badges have been added to Nintendo Badge Arcade.

● Fortune cards and Mother wallpaper have been added to Nintendo’s official LINE account which is hosted by Kinopio-kun.

● A gameplay video for Haikyu!! Cross team match! at

● And a promo video for
Gakuyu Unmei Kyodotai ~Friends in the Same RPG~

● The final planned weapon (the Custom Hydra Splatling) has been added to Splatoon. One more map to go now.

● The website for Musicverse Virtual Keyboard is now open at

● The latest Pokkén Tournament fighter announcement is for Chandelure.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. stocks closed for the week at 14,870.0 down from 15,370.0 last week.

● That’s all for now but plenty of content planned for this weekend including a 1001 Spikes review and more Famitsu scans!

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