DAEMON X MACHINA Coming to Steam

Marvelous’ mech-based action game DAEMON X MACHINA will be coming to Steam worldwide on February 13, 2020, exactly five months after its Nintendo Switch release. Check out the store page here.

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The Idolmaster Starlit Season Announced

Bandai Namco Entertainment have just announced the latest Idolmaster game for home console(s) with The Idolmaster Starlit Season (stylised as “THE IDOLM@STER STARLIT SEASON”) featuring a completely new story. There’s no word of platform at time of posting, but we’ll update this post. Edit: the game is scheduled for 2020 release on PlayStation 4 and Steam. No Nintendo Switch version. promo video added below…

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Giraffe & Annika Finds New Publisher

PLAYISM are the new publishers of the atelier mimina-developed 3D adventure & rhythm action game Giraffe & Annika, which is scheduled to release for Steam on 18 February priced at ¥1,980, and then for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 later in 2020. 2019 promo video added below…

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Dragon Quest Builders Coming to Steam

Square-Enix will also be releasing the acclaimed block-building RPG Dragon Quest Builders 2 for Steam on 10 December 2019 (11th in Japan) priced at ¥7,480 and including the Hotto Stuff Pack, Modernist Pack, Aquarium Pack, Designer’s Sunglasses, Legendary Builder Outfit, Dragonlord’s Throne, and more.

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Dragon Ball Project Z Not For Switch

Bandai Namco Entertainment finally revealed their DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z Action RPG and it’s coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam in 2019, not Nintendo Switch. The game is being developed by CyberConnect2. Check out the announcement trailer below…

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8-Bit Bayonetta is on Steam 

Steam users can download 8-Bit Bayonetta for free (this is not an April Fool!) developed by Platinum Games
and published by Sega. Here is the description: “SEGA’s favourite Umbran Witch climaxes her way onto PC! Thrill to her signature beehive do in 8-bit pixelated glory! Jump! Shoot! Score! Being bad never felt so retro.” Trailer below. Sega have also opened up a teaser website when with the brightness turned up seems to indicate it is Bayonetta based.

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