The Final Splatfest Results Are In!

The results of the final Splatoon 2 Splatfest are in with Chaos defeating Order 3-0. Chaos won the Votes 58.05% – 41.95%, the Normal rules 51.39% – 48.61%, and the Pro rules 50.34% – 49.66%. Results announcement video added and a ‘Thank you’ video added below…

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Splatocalypse Gear Now Available

The Splatocalypse Gear is now available from the Squid Research Lab News Channel on the Nintendo Switch for Splatoon 2 with voting for the Final Fest also now begun. The gear includes Fierce Fishskull, Jetflame Crest, Eye of Justice, and Hivemind Antenna. Thanks to GoNintendo.

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The Splatfest Results Are In!

The results of the penultimate Splatoon 2 Splatfest are in with No Pineapple defeating Pineapple 3-0. No Pineapple won the Votes 59.69% – 40.31%, the Normal rules 50.16% – 49.84% and the Pro rules 50.11% – 49.89%. Results announcement video added below…

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Splatoon 2 Final Fest Rewards

The latest My Nintendo Rewards in Japan are for Splatoon 2 Chaos and Order Reflector Keychains for 50 Platinum Points each (plus ¥540 for domestic shipping). The My Nintendo Store are also selling Chaos and Order T-shirts priced at ¥3,780 each. Check out images of all four items below and go here for the full list of Japanese Rewards.

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Splatfest Artwork

Official artwork from this upcoming weekend’s Splatfest for Japan, with the question of “do you like pineapple with your sweet and sour pork?” Artwork for the Unicorn vs Narwhal Splatfest also added below…

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Final Fest Announced

Hisashi Nogami has just announced a Splatoon 2 Chaos vs Order Final Fest running for 72 hours from July 18-21, called Splatocalypse. This Splatfest will feature all 23 previous Shifty Station stages and a new one! Unique new gear confirmed and pictured below along with the announcement trailer.

The gear will be distributed via the Squid Research Lab Bulletin on the Nintendo Switch’s News channel. Version 5.0. update also coming at the end of July. The update will add “Turf War (Splatfest)” mode to Private Battle. In this mode, choose from any Shifty Station stages, night versions of regular stages and even select each team’s ink colours from those used in past Splatfests.

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