Dragon Quest Slime Wireless Controller

HORI are releasing a Dragon Quest Slime Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch on 27 September with built-in rechargeable battery, plus a “Slime controller stand”, “Treasure box stand” and “Circlet” for decoration! Preorder here and use the code JPNINTENDO for $3 off. More pictures added below…

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Dragon Quest Slime × Lawson plushies 

To celebrate the release of Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete on 29 July, Lawson will release a pair of Dragon Quest Slime plushies in Lawson outfits! Slime is 25cm and ¥3,240 ($28.5) with King Slime 35cm and ¥6,480 ($57). Want and WANT! More pictures below…

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New Dragon Quest Nanoblocks announced 

Square Enix will release two new Dragon Quest Nanoblocks in April with Dragon Quest Nanoblock: Slime L Size (pre-orderable here) and Dragon Quest Nanoblock: Dragon Quest III Braves (pre-orderable here) with 240 and 210 pieces respectively. Don’t forget to add 2DLOVE17 at checkout! More pictures below…

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Dragon Quest Monster merch 2

Square Enix are set to release some Smile Slime 3DS accessories alongside the launch of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (6 February). Some even come in orange (my favourite colour!). First of all there are two 3DS LL pouches in blue or black (¥1,300), secondly a touch pen and cleaner cloth set available in blue, grey or orange (¥900), even though unpractical wouldn’t the cloths look awesome shaped as a slime? Finally there’s a couple of card cases available in blue or orange (¥1,000) which may hold just a couple of game cards but that’s a couple of Dragon Quest game cards more than what are available in English:-(