Dr. Mario World Adds New Doctors!

Nintendo / LINE have updated Dr. Mario World to Version 1.2.0 requiring 208.7 MB (plus 128.51 MB in-app) adding the new characters Dr. Baby Rosalina, Dr. Kamek, and Assistant Penguin, World 10 (stages 361 through 380), a Log-in Bonus. Each player has also been gifted 2 x Staff Tickets and 120 x Doc Tokens. The Collect Clear Stars! star event has also returned. Introduction video added below along with the new stages and abridged patch notes…

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Tuesday Update:Rosalina (Halloween Costume) Coming to Mario Kart Tour, Shuntaro Furukawa Interview, Plus More News!

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● Tomorrow’s Halloween Tour in Mario Kart Tour also adds the pictured Rosalina (Halloween Costume) as well as King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion), Baby Luigi, and the return of Time Trials. Check out Lakitu introducing the new drivers and features here. Continue reading

Newly Added Doctors & Assistants

New doctors and assistants arriving in Dr. Mario World today include Dr. Rosalina and Dr. Luma and the Assistants Star Bunny, Honey Queen, Octoomba, and Bomb Boo. The characters arrive at 17:00 JST (01:00 PT). Trailer added below…

Edit: after a two hour delay, maintenance has now ended with an 11.97 MB in-app download required. Each player will receive 3 x Staff Tickets for the Ver.1.1.1 update (see this post) and 1 x Staff Ticket for the extended maintenance. World 8 is also here with stages 281 through 300. The Area Clear Reward is Star Bunny.

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Dr. Rosalina Joining Dr. Mario World

The first new doctor being added to Dr. Mario World tomorrow (04 October) is Dr. Rosalina. Dr. Rosalina arrives at 17:00 JST (01:00 PT) along with new stages. It’s expected that more doctors and assistants will also arrive.

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New San-ei Boeki Plushies

San-ei Boeki have three sets of new plushies releasing in late November including the Super Mario All Star Collection baby series (pre-orderable here), the Kirby All Star Collection ability series (pre-orderable here), and the Urusei Yatsura series (pre-orderable here). Use the code JPNINTENDO for $3 off! More pictures added below…

Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy

Baby Rosalina

Friend Heart Kirby

Spider Kirby

Artist Kirby

Cleaning Kirby

Yo-yo Kirby



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Nintendo Apply For Rosalina Trademark 

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a new trademark for Rosalina using the English word ‘Rosetta’ and the Japanese ‘ロゼッタ’ for a plethora of merchandising purposes including piggy banks, costume clothes and hamburgers! Actual applications added below…

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