Team Sonic Racing Review

1st reviewer: The sensation of running through undulated courses, with extreme speed using drifts and boosts that are easy to control, feels good even if you’re not a Sonic fan. In this solidly created action race with regular features properly held in, this game’s unique feature is Team Battle where 3 people go on racing in a group, which adds into the feedback and sense of unity that can’t be tasted anywhere else. Being able to taste this feeling on co-op plays with not only obviously people but also with computer is great indeed. 9

2nd reviewer: Including a team battle system in a racing game is ground-breaking. Starting with the Line Boost which speeds up each other, the Touch Dash which can quickly recover spun partners, transferring items and many more chancs to cooperate during races; the more you cooperate the more merits the team will have, which is good. The format of competing rankings as a team is a structure that can be enjoyed with a broad range of people which is good. The controls are also easy to grasp, and the drifting etc are also exhilarating. 9

3rd reviewer: The compatibility between Sonic series – which has an exhilarating sense of sprinting – and racing game is simply perfect. Cooperative features like sharing items with teammates and helping each other to speed up provide a uniquely different fun factor. I’m grateful to the AI which matches up to the player’s level and contest positions until the end. A lot of hindrances will come from behind, so other than switching views through a button, I wish there were also a back mirror somewhere in the broad screen. 8

4th reviewer: Performing team cooperation controls like drifting that absorbs right in the line and sharing Wisps (items) during a race itself is fun. While the mini-game styled missions give an accent while progressing through Story Mode, they require a very serious walkthrough. The pleasant BGMs which arranged legacy Sonic series musics ought to immerse fans from the Mega Drive era in deep emotions. 8

Total score: 34/40

Target Audience: Fans of Sonic series. Families that have little children. People who like racing games.

Average Playtime Estimate: 15~20 hours to clear Team Adventure Mode

Review originally appeared in Weekly Famitsu magazine, and is translated by BlackKite. This translation is © Copyright  Japanese Nintendo. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website ( at the top of the review if posting elsewhere.


Yoshi’s Crafted World Review

1st reviewer: The world where everything is made by crafting and the numerous gimmicks awaiting there are so fun that I lost sight of the time to stop. You can also throw eggs to front and back to find hidden objects, or to play reverse course in stages you’ve cleared before, so it has quite the depth. In co-op play there are things like the Flappy Yoshi for beginners and role distributions such as throwing eggs and moving while carrying on the back, so there are no omissions for light/casual users to follow up. 9

2nd reviewer: The Craft World which looks like done by crafting is very appealing, and the Yoshis are also cute. While the basics look like a side-scroller action, by throwing eggs to front and back you can double the fun factor of exploring courses. Finding “things to search for”, backtracking a stage by looking from the reverse side, missions to find Poochy-Pups and more make a single course can be enjoyed multiple times from different perspectives; I’m impressed with this structure. 10

3rd reviewer: The complicated stages which look like a crafting programme are appealing. While they’re heartwarming, the composition lets you properly taste the response in solving elaborate gimmicks, so the impression is that this has been powered up much more from the previous Yoshi’s Woolly World. Playing reverse stages, which are complete reverses of previously cleared stages, are also precisely constructed well. It’s also full of replayability features such as finding items and Poochy-Pups, collecting Yoshi’s costumes, and more. 9

4th reviewer: The impression is that it’s a legitimate evolution to Woolly World. While being fixated with the catchy graphics, it has also evolved as an action game. The stages have become three-dimensional, and you can throw eggs to front and back. Other than that you can also enjoy a backtrack mode where the whole stage gets reversed. That and many others have greatly elevated the “appeal of map explorations” unique to this series. I have one phrase ‘just as expected’ for the game elements that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people from beginners to experts. 9

Total score: 37/40*

Target audience: Can be enjoyed by anyone.

Average playtime estimate: Varies depending on play style.

* Please note: review originally appeared in the issue #1581 of Weekly Famitsu (which can be ordered here), and which was kindly translated by BlackKite. Support Kite on Patreon here. Translation © Japanese Nintendo. Please credit if posting elsewhere.

Yoshi’s Crafted World Scores 37/40

Weekly Famitsu Issue No.1581 review scores included the pictured Yoshi’s Crafted World scoring 37/40 with the reviewers saying the game has great appeal for casual to core gamers, with the graphics also praised. Look out for the full translated review this weekend!

Other review scores include: Aragami: Shadow Edition with 32/40, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with 30/40, DIABOLIK LOVERS CHAOS LINEAGE with 31/40, Winning Post 9 with 32/40, RemiLore with 28/40, and The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame with 32/40.

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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review

1st reviewer: The world setting and the unique texts are just as expected from Mr. Goichi Suda’s works. It’s good that you can experience various genres as games within the game.
There is also a rather surprising title among them, and it’s being made so that you’ll wonder how the next story development will be like.
Other than easily enjoying co-op play, the T-shirt collaboration with indie games is also nice.
However, since there are a lot of scenes that are developed with pulling-like screens, I felt the intensity is a bit lacking which is regrettable. 8

2nd reviewer: The top-view action, which forms the basis, has a rather simple hack-and-slash style gameplay feel. But each of the world that you visit has its own various presentations and gimmicks being prepared, and even the game genre would change, which is a surprising yet good spec.
The appearances of unique bosses are still intact, so look forward to battling against them. It has an abundant humor filled with parodies, risky jokes and more from various titles, which ended up making me grinning. 8

3rd reviewer: Although the action is focused on sweeping enemies away with the Beam Katana, the genre will change to Puzzle, Adventure, Racing, and more depending on the stage, so it’ll make you get excited every time.
The action skills are also varied; it feels good to use them, and you can also have fun in thinking of combinations to prepare for boss battles.
Homages to games and movies are scattered all over the places, which ends up making me grinning. The visuals which are so senseful also made me numb. 9

4th reviewer: I unexpectedly grinned when looking at the presentations filled in all places with the various coolness of video games from the years past. The creator’s fixations are directly conveyed through things including UI design, BGMs, and more. You can enjoy each genre like Action, Puzzle, and Text Adventure; such game story development is also unique and interesting.
Although I’m a bit concerned by the play sensation which I feel like a bit too grindy, this title has a mysterious appeal that I cannot stop because I want to know the story’s continuation. 8

Total score: 33/40*

Target audience: Action game fans. People who like somewhat sharp games.

Average playtime estimate: 8~10 hours for normal clear. 16 hours if including replayability content.

* Please note: review originally appeared in the issue #1571 of Weekly Famitsu (which can be ordered here), and which was kindly translated by BlackKite. Support Kite on Patreon here. Translation © Japanese Nintendo. Please credit if posting elsewhere.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Review

1st reviewer: Basically, the content is based on the Wii U version. The fun factors of the side-scrolling action which has been inherited from the Famicom/NES era get crammed in, it’s so broad-minded that anyone from old to young qnd men to women can enjoy it, which is good.
You can now control the Totten/Nabbit which does not receive damage from enemies, so even people who are not really good with action games can play it too.
It’s also a good thing that they included “Treasure Movies” where you can watch super gameplay videos. 8

2nd reviewer: From the beginning, this already has full considerations for beginners with things like “Example Play”. But when it comes to Kinopeach/Peachette, 2 Mini-Toads get added which can perform double-jumps, thus making it easier to be enjoyed by a broader range of players.
In the “Movie” [mode], other than super gameplays, you can also watch “Topic Modes” for walkthrough and more which I am grateful of.
There aren’t too many new features from the original version, but New Super Luigi U which was DLC is also included here, which is worth playing. 8

3rd reviewer: The easiness to play is stable, and the fun factor is very stable. Although it’s somewhat getting stuck in the rut, you can watch shortcut-like plays or earn hints from the videos, so well done for weaving in extras that fit with the [current] era.
I feel a sympathy with the direction that lets it be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, starting with the complete support for beginners.
The stage composition will feel familiar to people experienced with the series, but the essence of fun is already crammed in that much, and the volume also gets a full grade. 8

4th reviewer: The sense of touching a mainstream 2D action, the inclusion of courses with two game copies, and the addition of new playable characters which increase the gameplay breadth, makes the volume feels great that this is not a simple port.
“Treasure Movies”, with numerous fascinating and excellent official super gameplays, are fun even just look at, and they also stimulate the desire to play.
I’m also a bit concerned with the Joy-Con R-Stick’s position when controlling though, but it’s still within my range of tolerance.
People who haven’t played the Wii U version will definitely feel a sense of profit here. 8

Total score: 32/40*

Target audience: Can be enjoyed by anyone.

Average playtime estimate: Varies depending on play style.

* Please note: review originally appeared in the issue #1570 of Weekly Famitsu (which can be ordered here), and which was kindly translated by BlackKite. Support Kite on Patreon here. Translation © Japanese Nintendo. Please credit if posting elsewhere.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review

1st reviewer: A proper evolution. Just like the prequel, thanks to the kind and easy-to-understand introduction, you can learn the fun of creating things in steps, which is good.
Starting from blocks which if lined up will automatically connect and change shapes, I can create a variety of things with more freedom, which I am glad of.
With the existences of builder tools like hammer, glove, and drying pot, the convenience part gets better. Being able to create things together in multiplayer is also a nice point. 9

2nd reviewer: At the beginning there are only few things that you can do, but the guidance is very easy to understand, so you can enjoy each feature while memorizing them, which is good.
The story also firmly pulls the gameplay. The people’s joy can be seen as “Builder Hearts”, and by collecting them you can develop your base and learn new recipes among others; this is a great system which also connects to the player’s joy.
I become addicted to creating things and my feelings also become happy by playing this. 10

3rd reviewer: New tools and blocks appear among others, and there are now more things that you can do, but the guidance is kind and courteous, so the game progression is also smooth.
The monsters that act as guides have personalities that can’t be hated so I ended up being in peace.
I’m glad that the partner character will move based on my own intentions, not only in battles but also in collecting materials.
Each island has different themes from farming to mining, which tickles my adventuring mind. I also have a good dilemma between wanting to progress through the story quickly and wanting to thoroughly create my base. 9

4th reviewer: With the appearances of new blocks, the variation of things that can be created becomes abundant. Furthermore with the addition of multiplayer and a complete selection of movement methods in land, sea, and air, this creation has ascended to let you enjoy the sandbox even more.
Just like in the prequel, the user guidance is courteous, so you can progress through the game without getting lost or stress, which is excellent.
There is no ‘sense of getting digged out’ unlike other sandbox-type games, and there is a sense of stability with clear objectives.
The high degree of freedom, which lets you taste various kinds of gameplay, is also good. 9

Total score: 37/40*

Target audience: Fans of Dragon Quest Builders. Fans of Dragon Quest series. People who like creating things.

Average playtime estimate: Varies depending on play style.

* Please note: review originally appeared in the issue #1568 of Weekly Famitsu (which can be ordered here), and which was kindly translated by BlackKite. Support Kite on Patreon here. Translation © Japanese Nintendo. Please credit if posting elsewhere.

Dairantou Smash Bros. SPECIAL Review

1st reviewer: The participating member roster, which includes collaborations with other companies, is super stellar! A round of applause to them for truly realizing a dream all-star battle.
The multiplayer, which lets you enjoy heated versus battles regardless of online or offline, as usual guarantees hype with the same interesting factors.
Thanks to new features like collecting Spirits and customizing character, even single-player mode gets full replayability points. Furthermore, with comfortable controls, lively presentations and more, there is nothing lacking in all aspects. A must-have game for Switch users. 10

2nd reviewer: In addition to fighters participating from a variety of titles, the stages are also abundant which makes the volume feel great.
It also has an enormous amount of music, which together with stage gimmicks and detailed presentations, shall liven up your mood.
The characters move smoothly, making the battles fun with senses of speed and exhilaration, and the action parts are also favorable.
I felt a bit inconvenient with how online works here; despite having set “priority rules”, sometimes I got into versus battles with rules that I don’t want. 9

3rd reviewer: Although the amount of characters is its best highlight, it’s not only deep on the volume but also the insides, which is a wonder. The “characteristics”, that make you feel glad if you know the original works, are crammed into the most minute parts. The good feeling from speedy actions is just as expected. Versus battles are always climactic every time in both online and offline.
On the other side, the single-player Adventure Mode is also complete. You can experience battles with various conditions, and the character collection and raising features are also fun. 10

4th reviewer: The broad width of gameplay from its overwhelming content is great. The appeals of each character are being displayed more than enough, and I’m very excited with them including stage gimmicks. The UI is also courteous which allows you to enjoy without causing stress.
If I could state my wish, I’d be glad if there was a tutorial that’s more courteous for beginners. Also, “Lamplight Star” is a bit difficult and felt grindy to me, and I am also concerned that in online battles I got matched into matches which have different rules from the prioritized ones. 9

Total score: 38/40*

Target audience: Can be enjoyed by anyone.

Average playtime estimate: Varies depending on play style.

* Please note: review originally appeared in the issue #1568 of Weekly Famitsu (which can be ordered here), and which was kindly translated by BlackKite. Support Kite on Patreon here. Translation © Japanese Nintendo. Please credit if posting elsewhere.

Xenoblade 2 Review

1st reviewer: The world setting is done firmly, and the appearing characters are also appealing, so you’ll get immersed into the story.
The highlighted scenes have properly hyped presentations which are the best! The music is also lovely.
Battles are complex as you have to memorize so many things, but the features get gradually unlocked based on the progression; a good way of creating [the system].
With the “Blade Switch Battle” system, where you fight by switching between 3 types of Blades based on the situation, lets you taste a deep level of strategy which is a good point. 9

2nd reviewer: I get the impression that it has quite a lot of moments watching events, but without realizing it, I got pulled by the story with hype developments, so I enjoyed it with a sensation like watching an anime.
It’s a good thing that you can switch the Blade and change the techniques that can be used as well as your roles during battles, and you will also grow affections toward Blades, which are beings with well-established characters.
During explorations, although I got forced into hard work as I get chased by tough enemies, being able to go on a journey in a fantastic world where a huge variety of species live in greatly raises my mood. 9

3rd reviewer: The dramatic story, the very unique characters, and the mysterious yet enormous game world are appealing.
The battles are good as they have high strategy element, from the Blade characteristics to the sealing effects from combos. Producing Blades will also make your heart throbbing.
However, as you’ll have to do some grinding plays such as farming money, there are some places where the tempo felt hard and disrupted.
The world is so vast that I sometimes got lost with the rather hard-to-understand maps, but the “Skip Travel” feature was comfortable. 8

4th reviewer: The world tree, the heavenly scales, the giant Titans, and more; From the very first request there has been a continuous flow of story development that won’t even let me catch my breath, what a good work to pull me into the story.
This world has the Titans’ bodies right as the fields. Each of them has different views, compositions, and ecology, so just exploring them is already fun.
Also as for the battles, once you’re able to change the partner’s Blades, the selections get increased to infinite which is hype.
The duration of a single battle tends to get long, but considering you can enjoy various kinds of battles, it’s alright. 9

Total score: 35/40*

Target audience: People who like RPGs.

Average playtime estimate: Varies depending on play style.

* Please note: review originally appeared in the issue #1512 of Weekly Famitsu (which can be ordered here), and which was kindly translated by BlackKite. Support Kite on Patreon here. Translation © Japanese Nintendo. Please credit if posting elsewhere.

Pocket Monsters: Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee Review

1st reviewer: Although this is based on Pokémon Yellow which was released in 1998, everything is getting reworked which leaves a good impression.
With a huge improvement on controls and presentations, it’s good that you can taste both nostalgia and freshness at the same time.
The motion to capture Pokémon by swinging the Joy-Con just like throwing a Poké Ball is also fun, and having two players play at the same time with a single software is also great.
The linkage with Pokémon GO and the support with Poké Ball Plus are also nice. 9

2nd reviewer: Having wild Pokémon appear as symbol encounters without any battles is a bold [choice of] system, but you can casually taste the fun of catching and collecting [Pokémon], and being able to progress quickly is also good.
For people who have played past series games, it doesn’t mean they can have an all-fresh experience, but the gameplay of swinging Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus will make you feel more like a [Pokémon] trainer.
The speciality sense of your partner Pokémon, which always stays on your side and can even be put clothes on, is also the best. 9

3rd reviewer: The re-interpretation which matches with the era and the Nintendo Switch is great, and this game will firmly catch the hearts of not only first-timers but also those who still remember the nostalgia.
The system, which can be enjoyed with family during tea time, fits well with the nature of the game which is great.
The very natural linkage with Pokémon GO is also well tempered.
As you go adventuring, the bonds with your Pokémon strengthen little by little; the presentations that can make you feel that are lovely and come firmly. 10

4th reviewer: The existences of the Pokémon have been refined to be cuter and more brilliant; every kind of presentation that let you feel that real close to you is the main highlight.
You’ll need some degrees of tricks and familiarity on the controls with Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus in order to get Pokémon, but your mind easily return to childhood.
The point where it’s being made so that it can be enjoyed by two generations of parent and child even outside two-player mode is unique to this series which already has a history of its own.
“Unknown existences” such as new Pokémon now have better accents. 9

Total score: 37/40*

Target audience: People who will play Pokémon series for the first time. People who play Pokémon GO. People who are fans of the Pokémon series.

Average playtime estimate: Varies depending on play style

* Please note: review originally appeared in the issue #1563 of Weekly Famitsu (which can be ordered here), and which was kindly translated by BlackKite. Support Kite on Patreon here. Translation © Japanese Nintendo. Please credit if posting elsewhere.