Play Game Boy Games On Super Famicom 

Columbus Circle are releasing an Extension Convertor for GB in mid-January that allows players to play Game Boy or Game Boy Color games in their Super Famicom console (like a Super Game Boy). No price has been revealed. More images added below…

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Famicom Controllers Announced 

Nintendo have announced Family Computer Controllers for Nintendo Switch releasing as a Nintendo Switch Online exclusive product for 6,458 yen. Reservations open on 19 September until the end of the year. You can only play the Famicom/NES games with these controllers. 

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Kunio-kun’s Triple Play 

Tommo Japan are releasing Kunio-kun’s Triple Play (Replica Package) for Super Famicom in Japan on 09 August priced at ¥6,458 containing the dodgeball game Kunio-Kun no Dodgeball Dayo Zenin Shuugo!!, the baseball game Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari: Baseball de Shoubu da! Kunio-kun and the puzzle game Kunio no Oden. Preorder here and use the code JPNINTENDO for $3 off!

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New Hogan’s Alley Trademark 

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a Hogan’s Alley (English word) trademark in Japan for purposes including and related to ‘program for home video game machine’. The game originally released back in 1984 and uses the NES Zapper. Actual application added below…

New Famicom Game Announced 

Columbus Circle have announced their fifth physical release for the Famicom with the Metroidvania Battle Kid: Kiken na Wana (literally Battle Kid: Dangerous Trap) available from 20 September priced at ¥5,378 and featuring both Japanese and English language options. Check out screenshots here and here, cartridge here and promo video below…

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