Further Details on R-Type Final 2

Granzella founder Kazuma Kujo announced that R-Type Final 2 will release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in December 2020 “If the development goes smoothly”. Over 10,000 people have already pre-ordered via crowdfunding. Kazuma Kujo also says that funding was 6:4 Japan > overseas, thanks Koji Igarashi, and expresses that crowdfunding will play an important role in the future in Japan. Thanks to Ryokutya. Edit: it appears the December launch window isn’t exactly new information!

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R-Type Final 2 Surpasses $1m Crowdfunding

Granzella have announced that crowdfunding for R-Type Final 2 have surpassed one million USD with one week left. The 1M USD Stretch Goal is now unlocked where one of the stages in R-Type Leo will be reproduced in the game with the next goals being the stages of R-Type II and the original R-Type. The Start Scene of TW-3B BLUE SYMPHONIES trailer added below…

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New Player Ships For R-Type Final 2

Granzella are considering adding R-102 and subsequent aircraft in parallel with the development of the R-Type Final 2 game system and stages, although the implementation has not been confirmed. The four aircraft are R-104 WHITE REQUIEM, TW-3B BLUE SYMPHONIES, BX-1CX UROBOROS, and R-9uso800 APRIL FOOLS. You can vote for one of the four here or here. Images added below…

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R-TYPE FINAL 2 Kickstarter Live

Granzella have opened up the R-TYPE FINAL 2 Kickstarter looking for ¥45 million ($415,000) over seven days to bring the game to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. ¥3,300 ($30.5) will get you a digital copy and ¥6,600 ($61) will get you a physical copy (plus shipping) with the game available by December 2020. Second trailer for the game, along with the first, below…

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