Kid Icarus SP Now Available

Nintendo have updated Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online to Ver. 2.4.0 adding an SP version of Kid Icarus, along with Punch Out!! (Punch Out!! featuring Mr. Dream), Super Mario Bros. 2 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels), and Star Soldier.

Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami Sanshu no Shinki Version (Kid Iacrus SP) sees you start the last stage with the Mirror Shield, the Arrow of Light, and the Wings of Pegasus. Trailers for the original three games at this post with screenshots for all four titles added below…

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April Online Games Announced

Nintendo have announced that the Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online games for April 2019 will be Punch Out!! featuring Mr. Dream, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, (Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) and Star Soldier. All three titles release on 10 April 2019. Japanese and English trailers added below…

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Nintendo Apply For New Trademarks 

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for trademarks in Japan for Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Dr. Mario and Punch-Out!!. All trademarks are for purposes of ‘video game program’ and ‘downloadable video game program’. Actual applications added below…

Friday News Update With Punch Out, PixelJunk Monsters 2, Ninja Kid And Terra Cresta All Coming To Switch!

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● Hamster announced during a Famitsu livestream that Arcade Archives: Punch-Out!! will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop next week (30 March) priced at ¥823 and is the third Nintendo arcade game that they’ve ported. The original game (which saw two monitors in the arcade) can be played both horizontally or vertically. Switch footage added here.

● Q-Games announced the tower defence game PixelJunk Monsters 2 will be coming to Nintendo Switch and releases in Japan on 25 May 2018. GDC 2018 trailer added here.

● Hamster also announced both Arcade Archives: Ninja-kun Majou no Bouken (Ninja-Kid), and Arcade Archives: Terra Cresta will be coming to Nintendo Switch in the not too distant future! Trailers added here and here.

● The Japanese Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze website has opened up here and includes new Funky Kong footage!

Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch will see a free trial day on 31 March between 10:00 and 19:59 JST and adds the ARMS Grand Prix Official Song and the Tentacles/Off the Hook track ‘Color Pulse’ with video

Splatoon 2 will see the Zink Mini Splatling added tomorrow at 11:00 JST (tonight in North America) with Curling Bomb and Ink Storm as Sub and Special.

● The OJO Projector for Nintendo Switch has successfully been funded on Japanese crowdfunding website Makuake and is scheduled to release in May 2018. Promo video with Japanese subtitles added here.

Hoshi no Kirby: Star Allies was the best-selling Nintendo Switch eShop game for the past week in Japan. View the full top 10 (and for both 3DS and Wii U) here.

ARMS is one of 27 Nintendo Switch titles on sale on the Japanese Switch eShop this Spring. View the full list of games here and buy your Nintendo eShop Cards here!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw four new animals teased here. Expect them within a few days!

Fire Emblem Heroes saw the Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon: Shadowed Memories begin along with daily quests.

Miitomo saw the “Protecting the peace! Miitomo Guardians [A]” stage available on Miitomo Drop featuring Shearling Jacket with Badge, Butch Sailor Outfit, Men’s Guardian Set (Cap) and Men’s Guardian Set all pictured here.

● Nintendo of America have rated a mystery eShop game called EclairCity for a Nintendo console (source).

● Another Nintendo Co., Ltd. trademark is for a Trading Card and Trading Card Set that uses NFC technology (the same as amiibo). View the full application here.

● Preorder the Mobile Mode Exclusive Cross Connector for Nintendo Switch (L) (HORI’s left Joy-Con with D-pad) here and use the code JPNINTENDO for $3 off!

● A trailer for the Kirby Super Star/Deluxe main boss Marx who will be added to Kirby Star Allies on 28 March here.

● And a trailer for the Kamex (Blastoise) DLC from Pokkén Tournament DX which is now available to buy in-game here.

● Thanks to naruki for the heads-up with Ninja Kid and Terra Cresta.

● And thanks everybody for following. Have a great weekend!

Punch-Out Coming To Switch Next Week!

Hamster have announced Arcade Archives: Punch-Out!! will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop next week (30 March) priced at ¥823. Switch footage of Punch-Out!! which shows the game being played both horizontally and vertically added below…

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Genyo Takeda to retire from Nintendo

Genyo Takeda (Representative Director and Technology Fellow) and who created the Punch-Out!! and StarTropics franchises and development of the Wii. Takeda is, according to Nintendo, set retire from the Representative Director at the expiration of the term of the office of Director, which is as of the end of the 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on June 29, 2017. Ko Shiota is his expected replacement.

Latest 3DS Badges


This week’s Collectible Badge Center update sees Famicom Remix badges added! There’s also more Animal Crossing. In total there are three Super Mario Bros. 2 panels, two Donkey Kong, two Dr. Mario, two Metroid, one Punch Out and two free goes! Some of the old Baito badges have been brought back too with a free badge per every ¥90 spent until 2 October. More pics after the bump…