Nintendo 64 Spirit Event

The “Get N or Get Out” spirit event begins this Friday (June 5) in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring spirits from Nintendo 64 titles.

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Nintendo Consider Extending Nintendo Switch Online Service

When asked at the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders earlier today, when we can expect content from more recent past consoles such as Nintendo 64 and GameCube, Nintendo say they are looking at extending the Nintendo Switch Online service

“At this place we cannot tell new information about future classic hardware among others, but we are thinking about providing an extension of the online service which is currently providing Famicom [NES] software, as well as other methods of providing them. We also recognise that there are opinions wanting to play past titles.”

Thanks to NStyles for the transcript and to BlackKite for the translation.

Nintendo Switch Outsells Nintendo 64!

The global figures for Nintendo Switch as of 31 March 2019 now stand at 34.74 million units sold worldwide, above the 32.93 million units of Nintendo 64. The next hurdles for the Switch are Game & Watch (43.4 million units) and Super FamicomSNES (49.10 million units).

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Tuesday News Update With N64, Petit Computer, Persona Q2, Gal Metal, Plus Much More News!

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● First of all, apologies for those in Europe who couldn’t access my website earlier, due to changes in privacy policy in EU law. It should now be back to normal. The top story is Nintendo Co., Ltd. applying for a trademark for N64 for purposes including video game program, controller for game machine, joystick for video game machine, TV game machine and more. Read the full application (obviously in Japanese) here.

● SmileBoom announced that the next title in the Petit Computer series of software development apps will be called Puchikon 4 SmileBASIC. More information will be in tomorrow’s issue of Weekly Famitsu where we’ll hopefully get at least a release window.

● The official Kirby Twitter account confirmed that Daroach will be one of the Dream Friends playable in the Summer update to Kirby Star Allies. The other two Dream Friends are rumoured to be Adeleine and Dark Meta Knight.

● Turtle Cream confirmed that the platformer 6180 the moon will be releasing in Japan ‘soon’. I’m unsure whether they’ll self-publish or Rainy Frog will like they did with the Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS versions.

● SNK will publish the fighting game SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy in Japan on 06 September 2018, according to the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu who also confirmed that Love Heart has been added to the roster.

● Emiko from Sayonara Umihara Kawase is the latest fighter announced as playable in Blade Strangers. Teaser trailer here.

● Kazuhisa Wada of Atlus spoke with Dengeki PlayStation and said that development for Persona Q2 has begun. Still no release window.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be updated soon adding a Friends Market Box, Powered Up Friend List and New Log-In Bonus Look. More details posted here.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw the beginning of Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ featuring Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle, Tharja: Dark Shdow, Ninian: Oracle of Destiny and March: Altean Prince.

● DMM Games’ school girl-meets-alien invader heavy metal rhythm game Gal Metal will release in the West this Fall with Marvelous publishing in Europe and XSEED Games in North America.

● The comedy duo Yoiko which includes Arino from Game Center will begin a four-part indie game ‘Let’s Play’ series from Thursday starting with Human: Fall Flat and Celeste.

● Last week’s Famitsu Most Wanted charts are posted here and the Nintendo eShop charts (Switch, 3DS and Wii U) are posted here.

● Watch all the promo videos for the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion pack here.

● The latest promo video for Sonic Mania Plus, plus Episode 1 of Sonic Mania Adventures – SONIC RETURNS! here.

● A promo video for the card game Minna de Daifugo here.

● All the promo videos for Akatsuki no Breakers (Breakers: Dawn of Heroes) here.

● And all the promo videos for Little Nightmares Deluxe Edition here.

● Last but not least, a trailer for the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle here.

Small Monday update with Nintendo 64 trademark application made, known Dragon Quest XI sales ratios and more!

● Just a small update as I’d rather be playing Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete! 20 hours in thus far and it is AMAZING! Speaking of the game: it sold 1,409 at COMG! stores over the weekend on 3DS with the PS4 version selling 1,279 (Splatoon 2 sold 137). The 3DS version outsold the PS4 version at Tsutaya and Hachisuke. The PS4 version outsold the 3DS version at Game Shop PAO (82%-49% – not a typo) and Nari Yuki (55%-45%) with just one sale difference at Game Shop 1983!

● Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for trademarks for Famicom, Super Famicom, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Switch images for the purpose of home video game machines in Japan. In addition, the Super Famicom D-Pad trademark is for a variety of merchandising purchases. This all but points at a Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo 64 being at least under consideration. We here expect it towards the latter half of 2018 but of-course, this is not confirmed.

Splatoon 2 will see a Twilight/Mystery Zone stage at this weekend’s SplatFest in addition to two regular Turf Wars stages. Pictures here.

● Two Fire Emblem Heroes smartphone wallpapers can be downloaded here.

● And a new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 TV commercial here and a Fire Emblem Musou Corrin × Xander conversation scene here.

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Nintendo 64 controller trademark application 

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a trademark for the above image of a Nintendo 64 controller in Europe (along with a NES, SNES and Switch controller) which could point towards a Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo 64. I’ll keep you posted if any such trademark is applied for in Japan. Thanks to Rösti.

Edit: Trademark application has been filed in Japan too!

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PokéPark and four more games release on Wii U 

Available now on Wii U in Japan are three Wii games with PokéPark Wii: Pikachu no Daibouken from The Pokémon Company and Biohazard 4: Wii Edition and Biohazard: Umbrella Chronicles from Capcom. Also available are the Nintendo 64 games Ogre Battle 64 from Nintendo and Bokujou Monogatari 2 from Marvelous. The Wii games are ¥2,700 each and the N64 games ¥1,028 each. Trailers for all five games added below.

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