Muffy’s Creepy Cookie Restock!

Muffy’s creepy cookie is back in stock in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp until 01 November! Check out the full list of items including the special memory below…

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Muffy’s Creepy Cookie Available! 

A new type of fortune cookie is now in stock at the Fortune Cookie Shop in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Muffy’s Creepy Cookie! The furniture and clothing includes Witch’s Hexing Circle, Witch’s Broom, Witch’s Cauldron, Haunted Pumpkin Tree, Witchy Street Lamp, Witchy Fence, Witchy Dress, Witchy Boots and Witch’s Hat. The featured item is the Hexed Witch’s Mirror, where players can then unlock a special memory starring Muffy, Beau, and Poppy.

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