Miitomo Customer Support Ends 

Nintendo have finally ended the customer support from within the Miitomo app. The service had previously ended on 09 May 2018.

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Weekly News Update With All The Week’s Japanese Nintendo Switch, 3DS And Mobile News!

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● Nintendo’s first mobile game Miitomo has come to an end after just two years, and is now inaccessible other than a Customer Support screen. Nintendo thanked all for playing and “hope to go on to even bigger and better things in the future with Nintendo”.

● Nintendo outlined plans for the paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription service beginning September 2018 offering 20 online-enabled Famicom games, plus finally save data cloud backup. Virtual Console is not planned for the console. Go here for all the known games.

● A Sanrio Characters Splatfest was announced for Japan, beginning on 19-20 May with Hello Kitty vs. Cinnamoroll, then 26-27 May with My Melody vs. Pompompurin, with the final on 9-10 June. Check out the artwork and the (physical) T-shirts here.

Nintendo opened up an Indie World website, run by Soejima and Boku, which will cover indie games. Way too many indie titles were announced to list here but bookmark our Release Schedule.

● The packaged version of Minecraft will release for Switch on 21 June priced at ¥3,888, with the Better Together update and Super Mario pack both included.

● Idea Factory and Otomate have totally committed themselves to Nintendo Switch with 12 otome games announced beginning with Hakuoki Shinkai: Fuukaden for Nintendo Switch with more to follow. Go for here the full list.

● Koei Tecmo Games officially announced Musou OROCHI 3 (Warriors Orochi 4) for Switch release in 2018 with the game featuring 170 playable characters.

● Arc System Works announced Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: PRISM OF EYES (Jake Hunter Detective Story: Prism of Eyes) for Switch, releasing on 09 August 2018.

● Inti Creates announced the next game in the Gunvolt series Shiroki Koutetsu no X: THE OUT OF GUNVOLT (Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX) for Switch.

● Inti Creates also announced an 8-bit style Bloodstained game Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon in conjunction with Koji Igarashi, releasing for both Switch and 3DS on 24 May priced at ¥980.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw the second half of the Fruit Party with Katie event begin. Check out the completion screen here.

Fire Emblem Heroes was updated to Version 2.5.0 with a free 4★ Takumi: Wild Card for each player. Full changes detailed here. New Heroes (Ares, Lene and Ishtar) from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War also arrived.

Super Mario Run saw the Loads of Coins event has return until 25 May where winning at Toad Rally during this period earns you 1.5 times as many coins as usual.

Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will finally see release in North America and Europe on 28 August 2018 as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Check out the trailer here and our review here.

● A limited edition gold version of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump will release on 07 July priced at ¥8,618. Check out the teaser scan and full list of 20 games here.

● CoroCoro will deliver Splatoon news which impact will apparently ‘shock the world’ on 09 June 2018. Check out the teaser scan of the announcement here.

● Nintendo are recruiting for a level designer for The Legend of Zelda series including for events, dungeons, fields and enemies, although we don’t know whether the game is for Switch or mobile.

● In related news, a TRIFORCE videogame trademark application was made by Nintendo. Check out the actual application here. Thanks everybody for following and have a great week ahead!

Miitomo Customer Support Open 

Nintendo have opened up Customer Support from within the Miitomo app until 31 August 2018 at 14:00 JST with four options available (Enquiries, Feedback, Coin Balance and Refunding Miitomo Coins). Users are also available to Manage Account Information (via an external weblink) and change the Language and Region Setting. Nintendo also reiterate that “Clothing and/or accessory items acquired in Miitomo cannot be transferred to your Nintendo Account.”

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Wednesday News Update With Miitomo Closing, Idea Factory Announce 12 Switch Games, Plus Much More!

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● Nintendo’s first chapter into mobile gaming has come to an end with Miitomo being taken offline. Nintendo thanked all for playing and “hope to go on to even bigger and better things in the future with Nintendo”.

● Idea Factory have totally committed themselves to Nintendo Switch with the following otome games:-

Hakuoki Shinkai: Fuukaden (06 September 2018)

Code: Realize ~Saikou no Hanataba~ (13 September 2018)

Cendrillon palikA (2018)

Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Irodori Nadeshiko (2018)

Hakuoki (new work – undecided)

LoverPretend (undecided)

Birushanah Senki ~Genpeiden~ (undecided)

Shiritsu Berubara Gakuen (undecided)

Sengoku Night Blood (undecided)

Amnesia (undecided)

Norne + Nonette (undecided)

Reine des Fleurs (undecided)

● Gift Ten Industry announced the pen and paper escape game Madolica for the Switch eShop in Summer 2018 priced at ¥1,500.

● PLAYISM will bring the horror adventure game Satsuriku no Tenshi (Angels of Death) to the Switch this Summer priced at ¥1,500 with a TV anime adaptation this July.

● PLAYISM will also publish Kero Blaster this Spring for ¥980, Croixleur Sigma this Summer for ¥1,500 and Vertical Strike Endless Challenge also this Summer for ¥498.

● Nintendo have updated Splatoon 2 to Version 3.0.1 with a number of bug fixes all detailed here.

● UNTIES will publish noname studio’s local multiplayer battle action game BATTLLOON to Switch in 2019. Teaser trailer here.

● UNTIES will also publish CAVYHOUSE’s 3D visual novel Mayonaka Garan (Midnight Cathedral) on Switch this Summer. Promo video here.

● CELLNAVI announced the card game Minna de Daifugo for the Switch eShop on 24 May 2018 priced at ¥500.

● SAT-BOX announced the football game Tsukue de Soccer (Soccer On Desk) for Switch eShop on 31 May priced at ¥720 as a preload and then ¥800. Introduction video here.

● Secretexit will publish the puzzle game Zen Bound 2 worldwide on the Switch eShop on 24 May priced at ¥1,900 in Japan.

● The PixelJunk Monsters 2 demo is finally available on the Switch eShop along with new demos for both Aegis Defenders and Tumblestone.

● Nicalis announced Quote from Cave Story and Isaac from The Binding of Isaac as playable characters in Blade Strangers. Teasers here and here.

● The latest three themes for the Japanese 3DS Theme Shop include GYARI「Seyana.」, M.S.S Project「M.S.S.Phoenix」and Tohma feat.GUMI「Kowloon Retro」. Trailers for all three here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw the second half of the Fruit Party with Katie event begin lasting until 14 May.

Fire Emblem Heroes was updated to Version 2.5.0 with a free 4★ Takumi: Wild Card for each player. Full changes detailed here.

● Nintendo of America have posted a short video introducing the players for the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 starting 12 June.

Walmart posted a number of new games earlier leaking a lot but little for Switch. Notable was NBA 2K19 with WWE 2K19 notable by its absence.

Capcom expect to release two ‘Major Titles’ this financial year with 53 SKUs planned in total. It is unknown whether one of these major titles will be the unnamed Action/Adventure game for Nintendo Switch that will be shown at E3.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze had a great opening in Japan selling 88,421 (the Wii U original opened with just 35,717). Full Nintendo charts here.

● This week’s Weekly Famitsu scores sae 12 orbits score 26/40 (7/7/6/6) and Aperion Cyberstorm with 29/40 (7/7/7/8).

● The 114th episode of NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time featuring Nintendo Labo, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and Kirby Star Allies here.

● The opening movie for SaGa Scarlet Grace: Hiiro no Yabou here.

● The Japanese trailer for Fairune Collection (which is confirmed for 17 May in Japan priced at ¥1,000) here.

● The Japanese trailer for Nihilumbra here.

● And another character video for Little Nightmares Deluxe Edition here.

Miitomo Has Officially Ended

Nintendo’s first mobile app Miitomo has now officially ended with the servers taken down and access to the game revoked. The following are the parting words from Nintendo:-

We want to thank you for enjoying Miitomo so much.

Miitomo’s service has come to an end as of Wednesday 9th May 2018, 16:00 (JST).

We’ve come a long way since the app was launched, and once again we want to thank everyone who’s been involved.

We hope to go on to even bigger and better things in the future with Nintendo, and we hope you’re there to share the fun.

We hope to see you again soon!

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Miitomo Clothing And Accessories Update 

Nintendo have updated previous erroneous information in that ALL clothing and accessories from the Miitomo app will NO LONGER be able to be used after the close of the service on Wednesday. This includes using clothing and accessories for your Mii character for Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Run, Mii Maker on web browsers and any other service that uses Miis now and in the future.

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Final Ever Daily Decorations Added!

The final ever new items have been added to Miitomo Drop – Daily Decorations, with a selection of different wallpapers and floorings all pictured below…

Techno Pop (White) (Wallpaper)

Dyadic Stripes (Pink) (Wallpaper)

Bricks (Dark Brown) (Wallpaper)

Wire Fence & Nightscape (Wallpaper)

Simple Botanical (Black) (Wallpaper)

Simple Botanical (White) (Wallpaper)

European Stripes (Sky Blue) (Wallpaper)

Brown Flooring & Tartan Rug (Blue) (Flooring)

Solid Wood Flooring (Oak) (Flooring)

Black Flooring & Leopard Print Rug (Flooring)

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