November Online Games Dated 

Nintendo have announced that TwinBee (Konami), Mighty Bomb Jack (Koei Tecmo Games) and Metroid (Nintendo) will arrive on the Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online subscription service on 14 November. It’s unknown at this stage whether a Special version of an existing game will also release. Trailer for all three announced games added below…

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Vote Metroid Into Video Game Hall Of Fame 

Players throughout the world have the opportunity to help get the NES classic Metroid into the World Video Game Hall of Fame and join the likes of Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Pokémon Red & Green. 

You can cast one vote daily on this page until 04 April 2018, with the inductions to be held at The Strong in Rochester, New York on 03 May 2018. Image above thanks to The Video Game Art Archive.

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Nintendo Apply For Nine Trademarks 

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for NINE trademarks in Japan for ‘downloadable videogame programs’ including the above Octo image, as well as (in alphabetical order and all as English words): Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario & Luigi, Metroid, Metroid Prime, Smash Bros., Wario Land and WarioWare. This is the second new trademark for Wario Land within the last year.

Edit: actual applications for ALL trademarks added below…

Octo page 1

Octo page 2

Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers

Luigi’s Mansion

Mario & Luigi


Metroid Prime

Smash Bros.

Wario Land


Buy the Miitomo Powered Armour Outfit!

New items have been added to the line-up in Miitomo Shop including the Rainbow-Striped Knee-High Socks (900 Coins), Generic Powered Helmet (3,200 Coins) and Generic Powered Armour (3,200 Coins) all pictured below. Players can also purchase the Powered Armour Set (6,400 Coins). Check out my Mii in the outfit here!

Rainbow-Striped Knee-High Socks

Generic Powered Helmet

Generic Powered Armour

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Japanese Nintendo Mailbag #3!

Welcome to our third Mailbag post where I answer questions asking the 3DS death date, thoughts on Miyamoto, Metroid Prime in 2018 or 2019, Nintendo Switch Online and whether Pokémon is done on 3DS! Ask me questions on Tumblr or over on my Twitter! Image above copyright of マスカ.

How long do you think 3ds will last now? I mean, after miiverse, flipnote, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and more online features are ending, has your opinion on its death date changed?

Great question. I do think the 3DS will be around in some form at the start of 2019 and that there will be some super cheap 2DS/New 2DS XL bundles during Black Friday 2018 but it will not have any meaningful impact during this time and will fade away in 2019. I also expect a second Switch hardware iteration (maybe portable only and likely cheaper) for late 2018 with Nintendo thus prioritising the two Switch consoles. I don’t expect any major first party games in late 2018 (maybe a Kirby or similar compilation but nothing of significance). So death date 2019 but a spell of life support shortly before then.

What are your thoughts on Miyamoto’s design choices recently? Many hate Sticker Star and SF Zero.

Firstly my thoughts on Shigeru Miyamoto are that he is a legend and truly worthy of respect. He’s a great figurehead for Nintendo and still a great game designer. That being said, I do think he is very single-minded in his favouritism and direction of the Mario, Pikmin and Star Fox characters. For example down to the anecdotal evidence of Miyamoto choosing the Mario t-shirt above the Inkling Squid to win the Uniqlo contest. I’m just pleased that Splatoon and ARMS achieved what they achieved without Miyamoto’s overwhelming influence.

Hello, I am the CM of amiibo France, I shall like knowing if amiibo Champions will be sold singly and in pack in Japan, the image is not clear for me. Thank you

Yes, the Champions (and Super Mario Odyssey) amiibo will all be available as singles and as a set in Japan!

Do you think metroid prime 4 will release in 2018?

Interesting question. I do expect 2018 to see Smash Bros., Animal Crossing and maybe Super Mario Maker as well as Kirby and Yoshi (and who knows with Pokémon). If this was Wii U then even if Metroid Prime 4 was ready I could see it being delayed as Nintendo spaced out games more then. Nintendo seem to be releasing games more when they’re ready this generation. So the question is do I think MP4 will be ready in 2018? That also depends on when development started but I suspect it will be more likely 2019!

What are your opinions on Pokemon Crystal currently not on the 3DS Virtual Console? Do you think it will happen?

Well The Pokémon Company are rarely ones to miss out on full monetisation of anything really so I do expect it to come to either 3DS or Switch eventually!

What sort of features would you like to see with Nintendo’s online service.

I’m hardly an expert on online but the first thing they need to do is upgrade their servers and prevent the issues such as Splatoon 2 or eShop Sales crashing the servers. Also we need to see a decent selection of titles always available and not just the one Famicom game per month. As for other features – I’m sure you could answer that better than me;-)

How do you feel about Pokemon USUM probably being the last Pokemon games for the 3DS?

I guess it’ll be the last mainline game but even then nothing would surprise me if the announced Switch title also comes to 3DS! And I’m fine with the Pokémon series moving on. Like with the DS after Black & White 2; it was inevitable. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see more Virtual Console titles since GBA is technically doable on 3DS.

How well will DOOM and Wolfenstien do on Switch?

I will guess far better than most third party games did on Wii U but just how well that is, I can’t answer precisely!

when will you open your toad blog?

This in itself is news to some people but I do intend to start a Toad fan blog at some point in the future and bring back the fun to blogging where it isn’t all about waking up at 3am to post the translations of a Nintendo tweet! However there’s no timeline for this and I’m going to prioritise my upcoming podcast first and to getting a new job once fully recovered from surgery and assess what time is left available!

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