Megaton Musashi Extended PV

The “Complete Version” of the Jump Festa 2020 version promo video for Level-5’s upcoming mecha action-RPG Megaton-kyu Musashi. View the original version along with artwork and screens at this post.

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Megaton Musashi Screenshots

Screenshots, artwork, and videos for Level-5’s upcoming mech-based action-RPG Megaton-kyu Musashi which is scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. The robots are named Musashi, Gaudia, Sparkman” and the characters Yamato Ichidaiji, Teru Asami, and Ryuka Hijikata.

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Megaton Musashi Coming to Switch

Level-5 have confirmed that the mech-based action-RPG Megaton-kyu Musashi is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android, with the new teaser promo video (Jump Festa 2020 Version ) below showing gameplay footage. The game allows you to customise your own robot and features online cooperative play. Megaton Musashi will be playable at Jump Festa ’20 on 21-22 December. Release date is currently TBD. Screenshots and artwork also added.

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Megaton Musashi Playable At Jump Festa

Level-5 have confirmed that Megaton-kyu Musashi will be playable at Jump Festa ’20 later this month with a huge Musashi balloon appearing at the booth ready for photo opportunities plus a free memo stand while stocks last for everyone who trials the game. Megaton-kyu Musashi was first announced back in 2016. As of yet, no platforms have been confirmed. Images added below…

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Megaton Musashi Will Be At Jump Festa

Level-5 will be delivering the latest game information for Megaton-kyu Musashi at Jump Festa 20 on 21-22 December. The multimedia project was first announced back in 2016 with anime, toys, and video game planned. The game is (or was) a mech-based ARPG. Thanks to Ryokutya.

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Megaton-kyu Musashi announced for 3DS UPDATED

Huge mecha game announced by Level5 for 3DS (and mobile). An action RPG set on Earth in 2118 where 90% of the world’s population have been destroyed by ‘Dorakuta’. It’s your job to rid the Earth of the Dorakuta and rebuild mankind! A Summer 2017 release is expected. Edit: official video added below…

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