Mechanic Arms announce first Switch game 

Mechanic Arms who are known for the Excave series (pictured) on 3DS as well as the Psycho Pigs remake amongst others have announced they will be publishing their first Nintendo Switch title in February. Going by Code Name ▲ (not the final name), and a 4-player action game, it has also been confirmed for worldwide release.

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Mechanic Arms game dated and Psycho Pigs coming to EU

The mystery Mechanic Arms eShop game I spoke of recently is coming to the Japanese 3DS eShop on 27 July priced at ¥500. The only other information is that it’s an entirely new project. Even more exciting is that Bergsala Lightweight are bringing the excellent Tatakae Butasan to the European 3DS eShop on 28 July (no price yet) as Psycho Pigs. Read my mini-review here and updated Release Schedule here.

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Nazo no Mini Game heads to 3DS

Next week’s 3DS eShop update features the awesome Mechanic Arms RPG/mini-game collection Nazo no Mini Game which was formerly DSiWare only as 3DS software for ¥500. The Zelda Musou: Hyrule All-Stars demo is also, as expected, on the eShop.

The Wii U Virtual Console sees Wallaby!! – Usagi no Kuni no Kangaroo Race (¥617) from PC Engine and Medarot Vol. 2 CORE Kabuto and Kuwagata Versions (¥702 each) from GBA.

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