Mari Mobility Ordered to Pay Nintendo ¥50m

Mari Mobility Development Inc. (formerly MariCAR) has been ordered by the Japanese Intellectual Property High Court to pay Nintendo Co., Ltd. ¥50,000,000 ($460,000) due to infringement of Nintendo’s intellectual property, specifically its Mario Kart brand. Nintendo’s full press release has been translated below. [Thanks, Siliconera]

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MariCAR Ordered to Pay Nintendo $460k

The full text of the ruling Nintendo Co., Ltd. and MARI Mobility Development Co., Ltd. is now available and states that the former MariCAR should pay Nintendo 50 million yen (almost $461,000) in compensation, increasing from 10 million yen. Check out Nintendo’s press release here.

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Nintendo Defeat MariCAR

The Intellectual Property High Court has handed down an interim judgement in the legal dispute between Nintendo Co., Ltd. and MARI Mobility Development Co., Ltd. (formerly MariCAR), ruling in favour of Nintendo, due to the unfair competition of MariCAR.

Read the full press release from Nintendo Co., Ltd. below. Press release kindly translated for Japanese Nintendo by BlackKite. Please link to the Japanese Nintendo website ( at the top of the article if posting elsewhere…

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Nintendo Is Irrelevant Trademark

The Japanese company Chizai Bouei Kabushiki Gaisha (literal translation is ‘Intellectual Property Defense Corporation’) have applied for two trademarks in Japan for 任天堂は無関係 (Nintendo wa Mukankei – the literal translation is ‘Nintendo is irrelevant’) and Unrelated to Nintendo (English words).

Chizai Bouei Kabushiki Gaisha have in the past applied for trademarks on the behalf of MariCAR (now MARI Mobility Development). Both ‘任天堂は無関係’ and ‘Unrelated to Nintendo’ are now appearing on MARI Mobility Development’s Go-Karts. Images used in the applications added below…

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Nintendo Win Lawsuit Against MariCAR 

The Tokyo District Court today ruled in favour of Nintendo Co., Ltd. against MariCAR Co., Ltd. (now MARI Mobility Development Co., Ltd.) in their ongoing legal battle. MariCAR have been ordered to pay Nintendo ¥10m ($88,700), and to stop infringing Nintendo’s intellectual properties. Please await our official translation of the press release. Our past MariCAR stories can be found at this link.

Image above taken from the MariCAR Facebook page.

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MariCar Apply For MariCar Tour Trademarks

Japanese ‘Street Go-Karting’ company MariCAR Corporation have applied for a ‘MariCAR TOUR’ trademark, as well as ‘TOUR MariCAR’ and ‘MariTOUR’ variations for multiple purposes including ‘home video game toys’. The company won a lawsuit against Nintendo Co., Ltd. last year (source). It’s unknown if, or indeed how, Nintendo will respond to these latest trademark applications which are close to their upcoming mobile game ‘Mario Kart Tour’.

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Nintendo tighten up character trademarks 

Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s war with street go-karting company MariCAR looks set to continue after Nintendo have applied for trademarks for both the Waluigi and Wario cap for the purpose of clothing including lending/loaning out costumes. Earlier this year Nintendo applied for six Mario Kart related trademarks and five character related trademarks (one of which –Koopa– included for the purpose of a videogame).

MariCAR were successful earlier this year in a legal battle with Nintendo Co., Ltd and have since applied for four more trademarks relating to their operating name. They were also recently in the news due to the safety records of MariCAR and other related street go-karting companies, with 22 related accidents recorded from late March until May. Images taken from the Mario Portal.


MariCAR in the news again

The Japan Times are reporting that the Metropolitan Police Department on Monday asked go-kart companies to improve safety due to 22 recorded go-karting accidents recorded since late March. Nintendo Co., Ltd. unsuccessfully took legal action against one of the go-kart companies, MariCAR earlier this year.

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MariCAR apply for four more trademarks 

The ‘Street Go-Karting’ company MariCAR Corporation ( have applied for four more MariCAR trademarks in Japan including for ‘Providing accommodation facilities’ and ‘Transportation’ etc. Nintendo Co., Ltd. have also applied for five Mario Kart related trademarks thus far this year including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Real Mario Kart and Marika-.

Nintendo previously lost a lawsuit filed against MariCAR earlier this year (source) although it’s unsure if or indeed how they will respond exactly to these latest trademark applications.

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