Mamotte Knight 3 DLC Announced

Ancient have announced DLC for their latest Gotta Protectors game Mamotte Knight 3 (full title “Susume!! Mamotte Kishi Hime no Totsugeki Serenade”) releasing in December with new story + new map + new skills. Some FM Sound Source packs were also announced with the first being “MD&PC88SBⅡ”. More DLC and Sound Source packs will release in 2020.

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Gotta Protectors Release Date

Ancient Games have announced that the Nintendo Switch sequel to the classic 3DS tower defence game Gotta Protectors will release in Japan on 10 October as Susume!! Mamotte Knight – Hime no Totsugeki Serenade, and priced at ¥1,980. The English version is scheduled for 2020 as per an email from Ancient. Check out the promo video below…

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