Fire Emblem Expo Announced 

Intelligent Systems have announced a Fire Emblem Expo for 04 May 2019 at Zepp Tokyo. More information will be on this niconico broadcast on 08 December. Tickets will be on sale from 28 December. More information as we have it! Via GoNintendo.

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Friday Update: Intelligent Systems’ New Videogame Trademark, Nintendo Live 2018 Footage, Plus More News!

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Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. (Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, WarioWare, Pushmo etc) applied for a カクトデール (literally ‘Kakutodale’) trademark in Japan for purposes including ‘program for home video game machine’, ‘program for a home video game machine that can be downloaded’ and ‘program for smartphone’.

● This is Intelligent Systems’ first trademark since 27 March 2015 with two Fire Emblem ∅ (Cipher) related trademarks. The only other two trademarks in their almost 32 year company history are for ファイアーエムブレム (Fire Emblem) and EMBLEM (English word). Please note the Pushmo image above is not related to this new trademark. Check out the actual application in this post.

● The ARMS Party Crash Bash elimination tournament has kicked off with Min Min battling Lola Pop!

● Inside System have updated the Brave Dungeon: Seigi no Imi website adding in new characters.

Pokkén Tournament DX will see the Thunderclap Press Cup Group Match from 07-10 December.

● The Battle Cats celebrated its sixth anniversary today but still no release date for the Switch game Futari de! Nyanko Daisensou. PONOS have a ‘Coming Soon’ announcement however on the anniversary website.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw a new Grand Hero Battle featuring Gharnef: Dark Pontifex from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem begin.

Super Mario Run saw the return of the Loads of Coins event until 07 December where winning at Toad Rally earns you 1.5 times as many coins as usual.

● Watch all the footage from day one of Nintendo Live 2018 from Kyoto featuring a recap video, the main stage video, ARMS JAPAN GRAND PRIX 2018, Dairantou Smash Bros. SPECIAL Premium Fight, Mario Tennis Ace Japan Open and The 4th Splatoon Koshien here.

● Two commercials for Nintendo Switch Winter 2018-2019 featuring Nintendo Labo, Pokémon Let’s Go, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, Mario Tennis Ace, 1-2-Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe here.

● A character introduction trailer for The Three Mage-Sisters (Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne) from Kirby Star Allies here.

● And a new Japanese TV commercial for Dairantou Smash Bros. SPECIAL (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) that aired during today’s Nintendo Live 2018 event here.

● Thanks to naruki the Smash commercial and thanks everybody for following. Have a great weekend!

New Intelligent Systems Trademark 

Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. have applied for a trademark for カクトデール (Kakutodale is a literal translation) in Japan for purposes including ‘program for home video game machine’ and ‘program for smartphone’. Intelligent Systems have a great partnership with Nintendo and have developed games in the Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, WarioWare and Pushmo series amongst others. Please note the image above is not related to the trademark. Actual application added below…

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