Mechanic Arms announce first Switch game 

Mechanic Arms who are known for the Excave series (pictured) on 3DS as well as the Psycho Pigs remake amongst others have announced they will be publishing their first Nintendo Switch title in February. Going by Code Name ▲ (not the final name), and a 4-player action game, it has also been confirmed for worldwide release.

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Next week on the eShop

To be updated but thus far includes EXCAVE: Alien World (pictured) which is an RPG-y game with random dungeons by Mechanic Arms costing ¥1,300 with the official site now

Secondly the puzzler Pick-a-Gem by Teyon Japan which will cost ¥400. The aim is to match three coloured gems. Go to for more.

Oh, there’s also the retail games on the eShop: Hamatora: Look at Smoking World (¥6151), Gundam: Try Age SP (¥6,145) and Hoppe-chan Minna de Odekake! Waku Waku Hoppe-land (¥5,184).

Update: the other two games are the already posted 3D Fantasy Zone II at ¥823 and the excellently titled visual novel Theological July at just ¥200. Again no Virtual Console:-(