Donkey Kong VS Kirby Tournament

Nintendo have announced a “Series Clash! DK Vs. Kirby” tournament event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beginning this Friday (May 1, 2020) and lasting for three days featuring fighters from the Donkey Kong and Kirby series. The more you win, the better your spirit you’ll win. Post updated with full list of rules, available fighters, and stages. Purchase the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 at this link.

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Newly Added Doctors & Assistants

New characters arriving in Dr. Mario World today include Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Kong and the Assistants Boo, Scuttlebug, Goombrat, and Wiggler. The characters arrive at 19:00 JST (03:00 PT). Stages 321 through 340 of World 9 Area 1 will also arrive. Trailer added below…

Edit: the characters are now available with a three times higher appearance rate until 07 November. The Area Clear Reward for stages 321-340 is a Goombrat. There’s also one free continue for the next seven days too along with a Diamond Sale (100 + 50 Bonus).

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Dr. Donkey Kong Joining Dr. Mario World

The first new doctor being added to Dr. Mario World on 31 October is Dr. Donkey Kong who arrives at 19:00 JST (03:00 PT) along with new stages. It’s expected that Dr. Diddy Kong along with several new assistants will also arrive.

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Donkey Kong Spirit Event UPDATE

A Kong Family Reunion event has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which will see spirits from the Donkey Kong series swing on to the Spirit Board for three days from Friday. Legend-class spirits Donkey Kong & Lady and Kaptain K. Rool, along with Ace-class spirit Rambi will also appear at set times. Full list of spirits added below…

Donkey Kong & Lady

Kaptain K. Rool


Karate Kong, Tiny Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Wrinkly Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong, Rattly, Squitter, Squawks, Enguarde, Stanley, Lord Fredrik, Tiki Tak Tribe, Professor Chops, Kalypso, Kip, Ninja Kong, Ellie, Swanky Kong, Zinger, Kritter, Winky, and Expresso.

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Famicom Spirits Event Announced

Nintendo have announced a new Spirits event called ‘Classics!’ (’Atsumare! Famicom no Spirit-tachi’ in Japan) for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beginning on 4 January for three days with Spirits from the NES, Famicom and Famicom Disk System. Defeat them to get more snacks than usual.

Legend-class spirits Donkey Kong & Lady, Link (The Legend of Zelda), and Sukapon will appear for a limited time. The more you play, the more spirits you’ll get!

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