The last ever Collectible Badge Center update

Here is the full transcript of Baito’s lengthy farewell speech in the last ever Collectible Badge Center update (for details on why the Badge Center is no longer being updated, go to this page). All of the final panels and badges are towards the bottom of the post. The full speech was kindly translated by Space Asylum (subscribe to them on YouTube!) for Japanese Nintendo. Feel free to re-post, but please credit Japanese Nintendo.

Good aftynoon to ya!

Arcade Bunny’s graduation is here at last this week!

Dudes, thanks for the past two and a half years since opening!

That being said, WABAM, here is the final Game Corner!

the last one so I’m going to let it all out!

Actually there are a ton of staff members other than me involved in the store here!

And I am going introduce what kind of staff and what kind of job they do!

I want you to think of it like, “An Introduction to the Jobs of the Gaming Industry”!

(↑ Kouichi Kawamoto)

First of all is the Producer!

He is the person who decided the concept of the game!

“Pay to play but the game software is free”is this store’s concept!

(↑Shouhei Mizutani)

Next is the Director!

The person who drew up the plans for the store based on the concept!

This is the guy who thought up the Badge Catcher!

If we didn’t have this we couldn’t have started!

He also manages the jobs of
the other staff like a construction site foreman!

These people are the programmers!

They are the like the store’s carpenters!

It’s a job where they make various structures.

They are the creators of pretty much everything!

From the Badge Catcher to the Miiverse Plaza…

To the difficult structures of networks and such…

It even feels like they made the mechanism for me to be able to speak to customers too!

On to the Graphic Designers!

They are the people that designed the interior of the store!

And they designed the appearance the collection of Badge Catchers in the back!

The design concept says, “The cheerful Game Center where you can relax and play”!

These people are the designers of the badges!

It was a long journey to 10,000 badges!

That doesn’t mean they all just made badges for the past two and a half years. But it is the largest number of people, isn’t it?

The people who made the pixel art of Ashley and the game consoles are in there too!

And here are the game designers!

The people that made the machine of the Badge Catcher at the store.

They are the people that thought up and created the various machines that use the mechanisms made by the programmers.

Astonishing machines like the one were badges swing from the outside screen were also in there!

After that we have the sound people!

This job is easy to understand!

They composed the background music that plays in the shop!

In addition to that, they also made the sound effects of the Badge Catcher!

Next is testing!

The word “debugging” is pretty familiar, right!?

This is the job where they check to make sure that badges don’t get stuck while playing the machine!

Mario Club is the testing company! Many people from here helped out!

The next is Special Thanks!

These are the people that mainly helped make things outside of the store!

They made the feature that decorates the badges on the home menu!

Thanks a lot to these guy!

Access Games helped make the machine and badges!

And here we have the General Producer and the Executive Producer!

They gave the OK to create the shop!

There are a lot of them, so I won’t get into more than this!

Next is a job only unique to this shop!?

Administration and Coordination!

Really roughly speaking, it’s a job where we coordinate different things so that we can get out a new badge every week!

And do things like set the machines for shipping again, communicating with the testing people…

And they correspond with companies we collaborate with and gather up the illustrations that look like they could be made into badges!

The administrator’s job depends on the badge every week!

A person like the store manage planned it!

It’s a job where they plan the lineup of the new badges!

You know, for things like crossovers or April Fool’s day!

There were also some crazy requests but I am very thankful to the designers that met the demands!

In addition, the final check of the new badges and new machines every week is the Store Managers job!

So! The last is a job I haven’t spoken about yet!

Do you know which one I’m talking about!?

Full Disclosure!

It’s the Arcade Bunny here at the Nintendo Badge Center!

The Arcade Bunny also functions because of the work of various people!

For starters, the graphic designers!

That’s the design of my face and body among others!

They made me into the rascally rabbit I am!

My vibrant pink coat and two front teeth are the best parts!

Wonder if I started off with yellow fur coat and small teeth!?

The next job is the one that breathes life into me!

3D Animation and Effects!

(Macho Mode)

Their work…IS THIS, BRO!

I am so grateful to be able to call these people the Masters who taught me my flashy moves and transformations!

Indecently, my voice was recorded by the sound guys in a very unspeakable way!

(Normal Mode)

The next one is not my real form but it’s the job of the 2D Designer I can’t do without!

They design the graphics like this that appear to the side or below when I am talking with myself!

Oh, please think of this as “Crude but Cool” and as a sense of pleasantly different!

In addition, they also make the advertisement designs for the Letter Service and Twitter!

The next after character, movement, and pictures is choreography!

It’s the settings to move me as scripted!

Like transform, and dance while I’m saying my lines!

They steadily put it together up one by one!

“This kind of choice too?” “Was there a script?”

→“This kind of choice too?”

Yup! You catch on quick!

That was created by the Programmers!

→“Was there a script?”

Yup again! I’m actually pretty bad at adlibbing!

My ability to communicate might drastically drop if I didn’t have a script!

The last is the script! In other words, my lines!

Next to life, you need a spirit!

You need one to speak from
your own mouth…

In other words it’s what’s often called the person inside!

And as a result of being the only one doing it…There were times he emailed the script from home when he got sick from food poisoning.

(Real Mode)

*Since it is the last Game Corner after all, I will answer a real question.

“Don’t really have one”, “Your next job?”,

“Isn’t the realistic version a little much?”, “Are you and the Store Manager the same person?”

→”Don’t really have one”

(Cute Mode)

Not interested!?

Please don’t dislike the store, even if you dislike me!

→Your next Job?

I haven’t decided yet. I’m unemployed.

To put it accurately, the character part is unemployed but the person inside has a job but nothing to do at the company.

About half of that is a joke.

I want you to look forward to their efforts in the future.

→Isn’t the realistic version a little flirtatious?

Nope, not really.

Rather, if I had to choose one…

Shady is…

Nope, it’s a real animal just like you see.

I am so happy to have had a fun part time job.

→Are you and the Store Manager the same person?

(Normal Mode)


*You are curious about that?

Well… You see…

(Store Manager Mode)

Four months after the store opened..

The Store Manager who is shy around people was worried if he could …

operate a store where troubled customers pay money to play…

“Arcade Bunny” was the fictitious personality that his distress brought into being.

Arcade Bunny has a cheerful demeanor as scripted.

When we have hard times I blame it on the Store Manager…

And now the Store Manager will never show himself…

That’s the truth of this store.

(Normal Mode)

Considering this, I’d like you to try and keep an open mind about it!

(Normal Mode)

That’s all I’m going to say about myself!

And that is where we will end the job introductions!

By the way, I went over all of the names of the past staff and there were a lot of people.

More than 90% of the initial staff were alternated out along the way!

They weren’t working all at the same time!

It was difficult to get out a new badge every week but because of the response we got from you guys…

We were able to continue two and a half years thanks to the liveliness we were able to get from you guys!

Thank you for representing the all of the staff that have come through!

Will we be able to meet again on a different game!?

Well then, on to the last new badge!

It’s the last part to the Pokemon Pixel Art Series!

With this all of the mega evolutions and the 801 pieces that have appeared in this game up to this point are out!

*It’s a huge number, isn’t it! I want you to at least go get the badges of your favourite Pokémon!

And now, a “Memento of the Arcade Bunny” to commemorate this graduation!

It’s Arcade Bunny Badges that look like stamps!

Its bowlful of ABC soup!… Arcade Bunny’s Changes!

I want you to stick them to your Swapdoodle!

They are in English but if you decorate your home menu with them, they appear in Japanese as well!

Moreover, there is one more final commemoration badge!

An extremely large Nintendo Badge Center!

It’s an extra-large 8 badge size which is the size of two of the large badges!

I want you to get something like the store!

With this that is all of the badges just short of 10,000 pieces!

Thank you for the past two and a half years!

The reason why were able to continue with new badges for two and a half years was because of you guys having so much fun with it!

And because of that, here is a Free Play Present!

Sorry to leave it hanging in the air…!

And now an important
announcement filled with gratitude for the Free Play!

Wow! From now on, probably forever-ever it will be Free Play every day!

I think we will do it until the Nintendo 3DS Network Service ends!

Come back and play here on out!

We look forward to you coming again soon!

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Collectible Badge Center – The Final Ashley

With just one more update to go in Collectible Badge Center, it’s time to re-visit last week’s update and look at the dreams of apprentice witch Ashley and the demon who entered them.

Story originally told by Baito and kindly translated by Space Asylum (subscribe to them on YouTube!) for Japanese Nintendo. Feel free to re-post, but please credit Japanese Nintendo.

Look out for the final Collectible Badge Center update later this weekend where I’ll post not only every picture of every badge, but also the full translation of Baito’s farewell speech…

Aftynoon to ya!

Including today, it’s the last 2 times until Arcade Bunny’s Graduation.

So we have to make every day count!

Today I’m gonna introduce a new badge with a story based on true events.

(Store Manager Mode)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was a witch apprentice.

And on the night of Halloween, a strange creature appeared in her dream and said,

“Well aren’t we a cute young lady?”

“But if you wear these clothes, you’ll be even cuter.”

“I guess if it’s one time it would be ok…”

When she changed into the clothes the creature was very delighted…

And made the girl change into lots of different costumes. Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day…

The next night the strange creature came again to her dream and said,

“Young lady, do you know about crossovers?”

“Would you mind trying this on even if you don’t?”

“I guess this kind of thing happens every once and awhile…”

The girl was a rather soft hearted person.

The strange creature appeared again and again in her dreams and its requests escalated.

Then one day a little while later… the creature eventually brought a swimsuit.

“It’s fine, it’s fine! Everybody is wearing them!”

“If you put this on you can become an even more popular person!”

Then the girl finally realised… this creature is a demon that appears in dreams.

The girl’s hair color changed from anger and she punished the demon with her magic.

“I couldn’t quit because it was so popular with customers.”

The demon confessed that it was selling the costumes.

The girl expelled the demon from her dreams and at last peaceful nights returned.

But every once in awhile she thought.

That a job trying on different clothes might not be that bad…

And with that feeling the final Ms. Ashley returned to the beginning.

She returned to the beginning but she may have changed quite a bit!?

The person drawing is the same!

Well then, here is a free to play every day present dedicated to Ms. Ashley!

I look forward to the future of Ms. Ashley and her newly awoken potential drawn out by the demon!

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Baito explains why there won’t be any new badges 


Well, first I have some important news to share with you.

Since it’s so depressing, I need to say it quickly!

It’s been about two and half years since we’ve opened Badge Center[1].

On May 26th, we will get our last set of new badges.

However, it doesn’t mean we are closing shop!

It just means that we won’t be getting new badges.

Your badges won’t disappear, and you can still play games in the shop as you’ve always done!

There won’t be new badges, but machines will change daily!

On the contrary, that means the very rare badges will come back!

The reason we aren’t making new badges is because the save data has passed its limit!

This week, we’ve exceeded 10,000 badges!

We can only do a few more badges.

Do you want to hear why the badge case can only go to 1,000? 

Well, I’ll let you in a little secret!

The reason the badge case can only go to 1,000 is because of the limitations of the Nintendo 3DS! It’s because of the way the memory is divided! It’s different from the SD Card memory! It’s dependent on the amount of work can be done at once! Imagine doing some work on a desk! The 1,000 different set of badges have filled up the desk! There’s no more space to work with! During development, we’ve tried increasing the badge case over 1,000…but the 3DS crashed!

We were able to make it barely work with this limit! Since we can’t increase the 3DS memory, we are unable to make new badges!

When I first started here, I thought it’d be great to have over 3,000 types of badges..but having so many that we’ve reached the save data limit is quite a feat…! This is all thanks to you guys playing so much! You have my deepest thanks! Well, there’s one more thing that will change in the store…

Since there won’t be any new badges, my work will basically be finished! I didn’t get fired over the April Fools’[2]! The management didn’t get mad over other things either! I’ll still be here….but I’ll be repeating myself!

Original transcript here, text kindly translated by PushDustin of Source Gaming for Japanese Nintendo. Please feel free to re-post any or all of the above but please credit Japanese Nintendo.

[1] Collectible Badge Center launched on 17 December 2014.

[2] Baito announced the ‘game’ Crazy Galaxy on 01 April 2017.

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Friday Update with Collectible Badge Center to end, Alchemic Dungeons announced plus more news! 

● Baito announced that Collectible Badge Center (Nintendo Badge Arcade) will be updated for the final time on 26 May 2017 due to Nintendo 3DS internal storage issues. The shop will remain open and any existing badges will not be affected. Just no new badges will be added. This week’s update saw the final ever Nikki series badges plus yet more pixelated Pokémon badges.

● Flyhigh Works have announced they will publish Q-Cumber Factory’s 2D pixelated rogue-like role playing game Alchemic Dungeons on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the coming weeks.

● DeNA revealed a few details at their recent financial briefing re-confirming Animal Crossing mobile will release this fiscal year, that the partnership with Nintendo is medium to long-term with titles being worked on past this fiscal year and that they have reached a satisfactory level of sales with Fire Emblem Heroes.

● Over Fence confirmed that Battle Sports Mekuru will be release next week (18 May) on the Switch eShop priced at ¥1,058 ($9.3). The game will not initially have online play but this will come with a later update.

● WayForward announced that Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer and will include HD Rumble support plus a retail release will also happen (please be aware that this isn’t currently for Japan).

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is now available on the eShop and is currently number three in the charts! Nintendo also announced a web programme beginning on 15 May featuring the comedy duo Yoiko playing Minecraft for the first time.

● In mobile news: Super Mario Run players could today receive all five Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Release Day Event Statues, Fire Emblem Heroes saw the Battle of the Mages Voting Gauntlet begin and Miitomo added the third Cute, fairy-tale fashion! Victorian Style stage.

Nintendo attended the Digipen Game conference in Singapore with eight indie studios announcing their intent to develop games for the Switch. Thanks to ArtHands (source).

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia received the Goddesses Gift 4 free DLC reward with a Villager’s Fork now available.

● And Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares closed the week at 29,480.00, up significantly from last week! Thanks for following everybody and have a great weekend!

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Nikki series and pixelated Pokémon badges 

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center sees four panels of Nikki series badges and eight panels of pixelated Pokémon badges. Please note Collectible Badge Center will update for the final time on 26 May. There are free plays daily until 25 May. All panels and badges pictured below… 

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Monster Hunter School Series badges

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center sees two panels of Monster Hunter Kati and Airou School Series badges, seven panels of Pixelated Pokémon badges and two panels of Animal Crossing badges with 9,999 total badges since Baito opened up the Badge Center! There’s free plays daily until 25 May. Pictures of every badge added below…

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Yokai Watch 3 badges

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center sees five panels celebrating the recent major update to Yokai Watch 3 plus two panels of new Animal Crossing badges. To celebrate Golden Week there will be FOUR WEEKS of free plays! Next week celebrates 9,999 badge since Badge Center began! I’ve updated the post with pictures of all the panels/badges (thanks Joe) below…

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Nintendo 64DD badges!

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center sees six panels of pixelated Pokémon badges, one panel of DS cartridges, one panel of N64 cartridges, three panels of FDS disks, two panels of GBA cartridges and a panel of N64 system, 64DD system and more N64 cartridges! There’s two free plays all weekend as always! I’ve added all this weeks badges below…

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Splatoon, Pokémon and Animal Crossing badges

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center features five panels from the second Splatoon Gear Collection, six more panels of Pokémon badges and three panels of Animal Crossing badges. Baito also reveals that there have been more than 800 kinds of Pokémon badges since September 2015 and marks the end of general Pokémon badges (pixelated ones return soon however!). Two free goes (all weekend) as always.

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Kirby Canvas Curse badges

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center sees both Kirby Canvas Curse/Power Paintbrush (Touch! Kirby in Japan) and more pixelated Pokémon badges. There’s free plays all weekend as always. Baito also revealed that soon there will be 9,999 badges in the Badge Center! All this week’s badges below the bump…

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Baito announces a new game – Crazy Galaxy! 

It’s 01 April in Japan and Collectible Badge Center has been updated accordingly with the new game Crazy Galaxy revealed in a special Badge Center Direct! No platform at presents but pictures and characters detailed below…

Crazy Galaxy stars five students who are attending astronaut school. Everyone except Ashley is a new character. 

The five are blown to the end of the universe due to an accident during spaceship practice. Here they must encounter aliens and they must fight or become friends with them and return to earth!

Coco-san is the first character and is in charge of cooking. 

Anna is in charge of mechanics and is re-modeling a car-like spaceship!

Claudia is in charge of battling with the aliens!

Vanessa has a megaphone-style gun and talks with the aliens!

Ashley has changed the staff to the guitar. Baito reiterates that female fighters are scary!

Crazy Galaxy however isn’t scheduled for release until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Baito then comes clean that it is just (like Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution earlier today) an April Fool. But: “Well, it may be true if you believe!? Today may be the beginning of the legend!”

There are six panels in total: one for each girl and one for the logo and aliens! There’s free plays too all week (until 7 April).

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Monster Hunter XX collaboration badges! 

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center sees six panels of Monster Hunter XX collaboration badges including Nikki, Ashley and Baito! There’s also four more panels of pixelated Pokémon badges and free plays every day until 7 April. I’ve added pictures of every panel and badge below…

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Spring Pokémon badges including Oddish! 

This week’s update to Collectible Badge Center features three panels of Spring Pokémon badges, the return of other Spring themed badges, six panels of pixelated Pokémon badges and four panels of Kirby badges. Theres two free plays as always! Pictures of every panel/badges added below…

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