Jaleco and Sunsoft Collections Announced

City Connection have announced a series of Rom Cassette Collection titles with the first being the previously announced Ninja JaJaMaru-kun Collection. Newly announced are both a Jaleco Collection (which includes Exerion, Bio Senshi Dan: Increaser to no Tatakai. Argus, Rod Land, Youkai Club and the unreleased Soldam for Famicom) and Sunsoft Collection (which includes The Wing of Madola, Raf WORLD, Battle Formula, and Hebereke), with a fourth collection also in the works. Ninja JaJaMaru-kun Collection has been confirmed for Switch, whilst the other collections are assumed, but unconfirmed, for Switch.

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Nintendo Switch Online Games Live

Nintendo have updated Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online to Ver. 2.6.0 adding an SP version of TwinBee, along with City ConnectionDouble Dragon II: The Revenge, and Volleyball. TwinBee SP begins at Stage 6 at the highest difficulty. Trailers for the original three games at this post with screenshots for all four titles added below…

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Nintendo Switch Online June Games

Nintendo have announced that the June games for the Nintendo Switch Online service will be City ConnectionDouble Dragon II: The Revenge, and Volleyball, with all three scheduled for release on 12 June. Introduction video added below…

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City Connection International Formed

City Connection have announced the formation of a new subsidiary group – City Connection International who will release their games world-wide under their own branding in partnership with Dispatch Games. A new US-based office will be established in Orange County, California with Taiki Homma appointed the President of US Operations. Limited editions of City Connection games will be sold at the The City Dispatch Online Store.

City Connection own both the Jaleco and Psikyo IP, and have currently released updated versions of Soldam, Penguin Wars, and Psyvariar for Nintendo Switch. Future releases include Daraku Tenshi (The Fallen Angels) and STRIKERS 2020.

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City Connection Acquire Zerodiv

City Connection Co., Ltd. have announced they have acquired Zerodiv Inc. with Takayuki Harakami (founder of Zerodiv and former Psikyo employee being made Executive Officer of City Connection. City Connection have previously released Soldam, Penguin Wars, and Psyvariar Delta games on the Nintendo Switch console and essentially now own both the Jaleco and Psikyo IP.

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Conga Master Cruisin announced for Switch 

City Connection, who recently published both the Soldam and Penguin Wars titles on the Switch eShop have announced Conga Master Cruisin which is a localisation of Conga Master Party! adding Clarice as a playable character (from the Famicom game City Connection) and some new BGM. Conga Master Cruisin is scheduled for early 2018 priced at ¥980.

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VOEZ Ver 1.3 update music videos 

A short and long-form video introducing the new music (14 tracks) being added to the VOEZ Ver 1.3 update in a few hours time rounding off the total to 160! Flyhigh Works have promised to continue to update regularly and add songs.