Inaba Wants To Put Wonderful 101 On Switch

In Weekly Famitsu Issue No.1576, which releases in a few hours in Japan, Platinum Games’s Atsushi Inaba talks with Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata about wanting to put The Wonderful 101 on Nintendo Switch. He jokes that since so few people played the original, that he could introduce it as a new title!

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Platinum developing an ‘interesting’ Switch game

Platinum Games Head Producer Atsushi Inaba recently spoke with Famitsu at A 5th of Bit Summit who talks about how much he is enjoying playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on his Switch and how it is also a good fit for indie games and for future games. Onto how the Switch fits in with Platinum Games plans…

How’s the compatibility with Platinum Games?

“I think it’s good. We’ve also already declared we’re going to participate. During the announcement event of Nintendo Switch, there’s the Platinum Games logo showing up secretly.’

Is something happening?

"We’re creating it, you know. I think it’s going to be interesting.”

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