Pocket Monsters Anime Production Suspended

TV Tokyo will be airing reruns of the Pocket Monsters anime in Japan from next week due to production work being temporarily suspended for coronavirus related reasons.

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Pokémon Twilight Wings Episodes

The first episode “Letter” of the Pokémon Twilight Wings (Hakumei no Tsubasa) web anime, which is an all-new Pokémon adventure set in the Galar Region. Future episodes to be added to this post. Edit: Episode 2 “Training”, Episode 3 “Buddy”, Episode 4 “Early-Evening Waves”, Episode 5 “Secretary”, Episode 6 “Moonlight”, and Episode 7 “Sky” also added.

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Ninjala Episode 0 Ninja-Gum is Born

Episode 0 of the Ninjala CGI anime entitled “Ninja-Gum is Born”. Ninja-Gum is Born focuses on the origins of Ninjala and the origins of the game’s “Ninja Gum”. The voice cast includes Takahiro Sakurai, Akari Kitō, Hiroki Yasumoto, and Kenji Nomura. Future episodes of Ninjala to be added once available. Ninjala releases for Nintendo Switch on May 28 in Japan (May 27th overseas).

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The Adventure of Dai Announced

Square-Enix have announced a Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken) anime beginning in Fall 2020 produced by Toei Animation. A brand new game project is also coming produced by Ryutaro Ichimura (DQ VIII and IX). No platform was announced for the video game. Teaser trailer (for the anime) added below…

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Pokémon: Twilight Wings Announced

The Pokémon Company have announced Pokémon: Twilight Wings (known as “Hakumei no Tsubasa” in Japan) – an all-new Pokémon adventure set in the Galar Region, with the seven-episode animated series debuting on 15 January 2020 on YouTube. Each episode will be approximately five minutes in length. The next Pokémon Movie will also open in Japan on 10 July 2020.

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Chao In Space – Official Animation

Brace for impact as forces collide in “Chao In Space”! Inspired by the posters originally found in the Sonic Adventure series, the epic space saga finally comes to life as a beautiful short animation, almost 20 years later.

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