Cool Guitar Cases Are Here!

A rad, limited-time Guitar Case Collection is now available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, although Leaf Tickets are required. Guitar cases are available in Black, Red, and Sticker! Images below…

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Fishing Tourney On Now!

Chip has come to Saltwater Shores in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for Fishing Tourney #14: Monochromatic Cat! Catch a bunch of tourney fish, and give them to him, to get an in-game trophy and other prizes like the event material pitchplume which is used to clear seasonal event goals. A Fishing Tourney Support Pack is also now available. Post updated with full details below…

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Digby Is Back!

The Digby’s hammock special furniture item is back for a limited time in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Craft Digby’s hammock and place it in your campsite or cabin, and Digby will drop by from time to time! Gif file added below…

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Fire Emblem Heroes & Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Being Pulled in Belgium

Nintendo of Europe have announced that both Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be pulled from the App Store and Google Play Store in Belgium on 27 August 2019 due to the new legal definition which determines micro-transactions and such-like to be a form of gambling. Future Nintendo mobile titles with a similar payment infrastructure will also no longer release in the country. Thanks to Osahi.

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New Ocean Sunfish Goals!

Ocean Sunfish Goals are here at Saltwater Shores in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! While these goals are available, you’ll be able to fish for ocean sunfish at Saltwater Shores. Catch all the target fish to complete event goals and earn wonderful rewards!

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#ACPCBand Twitter Photo Challenge!

Nintendo are having another Twitter Photo Challenge for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where the theme is…#ACPCBand (#ポケ森バンド in Japan! During the Twitter Photo Challenge period, you can use the #ACPCBand hashtag on tweets that have photos of your campsite or cabin.

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New Event Items Available for Reissue Crafting!

New item sets from previous events have been made available for Reissue Crafting in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

This time, the following item sets will be available for Reissue Crafting!
· Garden Event: Digby’s Artful Retreat
· Gyroid Scavenger Hunt: Denim

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New Animals Are Here!

Jacques, Astrid, Groucho, Spike, and Bruce have all arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and available as new animal maps in Blathers’s Treasure Trek! Official artwork and unlockable items added below…

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