Keitai Shoujo

Keitai Shoujo Coming to Switch

G-mode have announced the romance simulation game Keitai Shoujo for Nintendo Switch as the latest entry in the G-MODE Archives series.

Keitai Shoujo

Keitai Shoujo is G-mode’s first romance simulation game which sees you talk to girls, email, and date as you go through your daily school life. One day you discover a website when a girl Rin pops up on your mobile screen and tells you that if you don’t find a girlfriend before Christmas, she won’t be able to return to the real world. G-MODE Archive Series 23 Keitai Shoujo releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on Thursday, November 19th, 2020, priced at ¥500.

G-MODE Archive Series 23 Keitai Shoujo Introduction Video

Keitai Shoujo will mark the 23rd title in the G-MODE Archive series. Read about titles 01-04 (Flyhight Cloudia, Ai to Roudou no Hibi, KururinCafe, and Beach Volleyball Girl Shizuku) here, 05 (Sukebooo Man) here, 06 (Shijou Saikyou Miyamoto Julia) here, 07-09 (Love Love Knuckle, Pucchin Puzzle, and Flyhight Cloudia 2) here, 10-11 (Omatsuri Dukushi and Senbazuru) here, 12-13 (Night Hike and Haishin Yotei) here, 14 (Mystia) here, 15 (Churashima Kurashi) here), 16 (Beach Volley Girl Shizuku 2) here, 17 (Flyhight Cloudia 3) here, 18 (Yuusha Shisu。Director’s Cut) here, 19 (Magical Drop DX) here, 20 (Magical Fantasista) here, 21 (Right Brain Paradise) here, and 22 (Heracles no Eikou Ⅲ Kamigami no Chinmoku) here.