Mario Cafe & Store

Mario Cafe & Store is Now Open!

The Mario Cafe & Store is now open in the Hollywood Area of Universal Studios Japan ahead of Super Nintendo World opening in 2021.

Recommended food

The Mario Cafe menu includes the pictured Mario’s Hat Pancake Sandwich featuring whipped cream and strawberries. The Luigi’s Hat Pancake Sandwich replaces strawberries with grapes. Drinks include Mario’s Strawberry Cream Soda, Luigi’s Green Apple Cream Soda, and Princess Peach’s Peach Cream Soda, along with the Super Mushroom Drink Bottle!

Recommended goods

The Mario Store goods include the pictured Pouch Set featuring two vinyl pouches, a Cushion with the “Whose Cap?” motif and a themed design on both sides, Keychains in various designs including Mario’s Hat, Luigi’s Hat, and Peach’s Crown, a Pass Case which is a cute Mario ticket holder, a Coin Purse featuring Princess Peach’s crown, and the Fruit Cakes which is a cute box filled with various fruit cake slices including cherry and orange.