Nintendo Switch News Round-up

The latest Nintendo Switch news round-up post features two games with RRJ’s Tricky Spider and Habataku Hero from Nippon Ichi Software!

Tricky Spider

Tricky Spider

Tricky Spider stars Adanson the spider who lives with his grandma but has decided to set off on an adventure in this simple one-button action game which sees players press “A” to move up or release to drop, in order to avoid the approaching enemies including the flying Pink Birds and the mysterious music-loving Batrats! A second player can also join in the fun with the game’s co-op mode, which sees player 2 controlling Adanson’s portly friend, Pauk. How far out on their adventures can the two spiders go, and will Adanson ever see grandma again?! Tricky Spider is out now, priced at ¥500. Check out the introduction video here.

Habataku Hero

Habataku Hero is a side-scrolling flap ‘em up game featuring brave birds taking on a wild world. Each feathered friend has their own treacherous tale to tell as they dodge dastardly pirate lizards, dash through frozen forests, dive through sunken temples, and flap their way from fledglings to fully-fledged heroes! There’s over 90+ hand-crafted levels plus a built-in editor so you can make your very own levels and share them with your friends and the world! Already available as Fledgling Heroes in the west, Nippon Ichi Software will be bringing the game to Japan next week (October 22nd) priced at ¥1,100. Check out the US launch trailer here.