At the Croak of Midnight

Super Mario Maker 2 Ninji Speedrun

A new Ninji Speedrun course has begun in Super Mario Maker 2 with “At the Croak of Midnight”. Full details posted below…

At the Croak of Midnight

The 13th Ninji Speedrun course has arrived in Super Mario Maker 2. Transform into Frog Mario, and sneak into the castle at night! To clear this course, you’ll need to collect 100 coins along the way. Think carefully about which coins to nab as you swim your way to the finish!

Receive enough stamps on your Stamp Card to earn an outfit for your Mii, with a Ninji Cap for one stamp, a Ninji Shirt for four stamps, some Ninji Slacks for seven stamps, and some Ninji Garb for 10 stamps.

At the Croak of Midnight runs until 11:00 JST on Wednesday, October 21st. The 14th Ninji Speedrun course is also set to begin on Wednesday, November 18th and will be a collaboration event with the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary.