Super Mario Bros. 35 Special Battle

The limited-time “Intense battle!” event is set to begin in Super Mario Bros. 35 which sees players send formidable enemies to each other!

Super Mario Bros. 35

It’s getting awfully crowded in this week’s Super Mario Bros. 35 Special Battle event! A Special Battle is a limited-time event where you play a set order of courses. The rules are similar to a regular 35-Player Battle but with added special conditions. Deal with many powerful foes as you take on this gauntlet of enemy-filled courses. Intense battle runs from Friday, October 9th, at 16:00 JST until Monday, October 12th, at 15:59 JST.

Super Mario Bros. 35

The Super Mario Bros. 35 game was also updated to Ver. 1.0.1 earlier today which fixed an issue where enemies would continue to appear within the current screen area without the player moving forward. The update also fixed an issue where certain player icons were not displaying correctly in Coin Ranking, along with several other minor unspecified bug fixes to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

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