Mario Kart Tour 1st Anniversary Tour

The “1st Anniversary Tour” has now begun in Mario Kart Tour with returning drivers and courses for the duration of the event!

The 1st Anniversary Tour welcomes five city tracks, including the new track New York Minute 3, plus the return of Paris Promenade 1, Vancouver Velocity 1, Tokyo Blur 1, and London Loop 1. Log-In Bonuses along with the limited-time event have been extended to 14 days with a High-End level-boost ticket from the 11th day! The Coins Aplenty event will be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays during this tour! Also all rewards give you rubies in the Mario Kart Tour Anniversary Challenges!

Returning drivers in the first pipe include Pauline, Mario (Hakama), Peach (Vacation), Walugi (Bus Driver), and Rosalina (Aurora), with Peach (Kimono), Mario (Musician), Baby Rosalina (Detective), Shy Guy (Pastry Chef), and Wario (Hiker) in the second week. The included Tour gifts are Luigi, the Streamliner kart, and the Bob-Omb Parafoil glider, with Rosalina, Daisy, the Birthday Girl Daisy kart, the Soda Jet kart, and the Goomba Hanafuda glider available to Gold Pass subscribers.

Mario Kart Tour – 1st Anniversary Tour Trailer