Nintendo Apply For Kirby Fighters Trademark

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for new カービィファイターズ (Kirby Fighters) and レジェンズ (Legends) trademarks in Japan.

The two trademarks are 商願2020-116662 カービィファイターズ (Kirby Fighters) and 商願2020-116663 レジェンズ (Legends). The filing dates of the trademarks were September 18, 2020, with the applications both published today in Japan (October 6, 2020). 

The Kirby Fighters trademark covers 41 products and services. The Legends trademark covers 49 products and services. Both applications include “Video game program” and related terms. Check back for the actual applications once they’ve been uploaded. Edit: and added!

Nintendo applied for three Pokémon related trademarks in Japan last week with 双璧のファイター (Souheki no Fighter), 白銀のランス (Shirogane no Lance), and 漆黒のガイスト (Shikkoku no Geist). Go here to see the relevant post!