Aleste Collection Coming to Switch

M2 have announced a physical Aleste Collection for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Game Gear Micro release on Christmas Eve.

Aleste Collection is the latest announcement from the M2 Shot Triggers publishing label and is scheduled to release on December 24, 2020. The price is ¥7,480 for the physical Switch / PS4 version, ¥4,950 for the digital Switch / PS4 version, and ¥16,280 for the version bundled with a limited edition Game Gear Micro White system. All prices are inclusive of tax.

This collection pack of the classic shoot ’em up series includes four titles with the original nostalgic Sega Mark III version of Aleste from 1988, the Sega Master System version of PowerStrike II from 1993, which was previously unreleased in Japan, and the Game Gear games GG ​​Aleste and GG ​​Aleste II, which previously released in 1991 and 1993 respectively.

Aleste Collection will also include the new GG Aleste 3 game (artwork here). The game is a completely new title created for the Game Gear that pushes the portable to its limits including with graphics and sounds. The bonus title will be included with the Switch and PS4 versions and will also be included in the Game Gear Micro White system!


M2 also announced they have acquired several classic Data East titles for release including the vertical shoot ’em ups Zaviga and B-WINGS which both released in 1984, the 1985 2D fighting game Metal Clash, the 1986 top-down shooter Last Mission, and the 1987 run-and-gun game Psycho-Nics Oscar. Release dates and hardware were not revealed for the Data East titles.

The final announcement is more details of the all new Aleste game entitled Aleste Branch. You can view the teaser trailer here (1:34:50). Again no platform nor release date was revealed for the title, but we’ll keep you posted! A follow-up report for the Aleste Collection will be at the digital only Tokyo Game Show on September 26, with this post to be updated nearer the time.

Aleste Collection PV
Aleste Collection New Additions!