Celeste Comes to Visit!

Celeste is now available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Place Celeste’s café corner in your campsite or cabin and Celeste will come to visit!

■ Celeste’s café corner

Celeste’s café corner

Blathers’s desk and Brewster’s Coop are also back for a limited-time!

■ Blathers’s desk

Blathers's desk

■ Brewster’s Coop

Brewster's Coop

Put these special pieces of furniture in your campsite or cabin, and Blathers and Brewster will come visit! Check out the notes for Celeste’s café corner below…

· Celeste’s café corner requires 300x Leaf Tickets to craft and is available until November 8.
· Place Celeste’s café corner in your campsite, and Celeste will sometimes come by to visit!
· Crafting this item will allow you to talk to Celeste at your campsite or Cabin. However, Celeste does not have a friendship level.
· Items that you begin crafting during the crafting period can be collected after the period ends.
· Special furniture items may become available again in the future.
· If you have multiple special furniture items in your campsite or cabin, up to four special animals can visit at once. If you’ve brought in a camp caretaker as part of the Pocket Camp Club Happy Helper Plan, up to three special animals can visit at once.
· Two or more of the same animal cannot visit at the same time.
· When the animal associated with a particular special furniture item is also hosting a garden event and you place their item in your campsite, that animal will appear either near the item or in front of the garden area.
· Sample images may feature items from past or future events that have been arranged in the image for example purposes.