Monkey Barrels Physical Version Announced

Good-Feel’s action-packed shooter game Monkey Barrels will be getting a physical Nintendo Switch release in Japan this December.

Monkey Barrels

JUSTDAN INTERNATIONAL will be publishing Monkey Barrels on December 10, priced at ¥4,180. The Amazon early purchase privilege will be two metal charms, one pin, and some desktop wallpaper. The game features a 22-stage story mode with monkeys vs. machines and an online competitive mode with monkeys vs. monkeys for up to six players! There are 98 different types of weapons to use where players can equip up to four items at a time. Check out the box art here, charms and pin here, and all three promo videos below…

Monkey Barrels 1st PV
Monkey Barrels 2nd PV
Monkey Barrels 3rd PV