Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Raymond

This Month in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This month’s schedule for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp including new events, cookies, classes, collections, bugs, and fishes…

Happy autumn, campers! The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game is celebrating the coziest of seasons with fall-inspired activities, rewards, and more.

Deciduous Delights, the latest event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is now live.  Please check the game for the full event schedule. Hope to see you there!


Calling all Gingko gatherers!

September brings lovely autumn events to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Collect fall ginkgo leaves to earn a sweet-potato roast set, fallen fall leaves, or chestnut harvest hat!

Fishing Tourney: Gallery

Catch special fish to get art-themed rewards in this month’s Fishing Tourney. Once you catch some tourney fish, get them measured. When the total size reaches a goal, you can get in-game rewards like an art academy supply set, prop-painting table, and art exhibit wall.

Garden Event: Celeste’s Gingko Café

Celeste is hosting this month’s Garden Event, a celebration of the gingko plant. Plant mini gingko to attract ginkgo maidens, then collect these creatures and give them to Celeste. You might earn event-exclusive items such as a ginkgo café coffee stand, fall maidenhair trees, and berry fall dessert set.

Scavenger Hunt: Acorn Accruement

Go nuts! Collect acorns to earn items such as an OK Motors acorn tree, autumn harvest basket, and dangling acorn earrings.

New Fortune Cookie: Carrie’s apple cookie

You’re in for a treat when you crack open one of Carrie’s apple cookies. Each cookie contains a delicious-sounding item, such as an autumn kitchen island, a pie-cooling window, or an apple-tree planter. Good luck!

Happy Homeroom: New Event Classes for September

Use the gingko- and art-themed items you’ve collected to practice your interior design skills in two new Happy Homeroom event classes: Gingko Terrace and Forest Painting. Lottie and friends will grade your designs. If you pass a class, you’ll get HH Material and Furniture puzzle HH Medals. Earn enough medals and your HH Rank will go up!

Fall bugs and fish have arrived

Get your nets ready, campers! Autumn is here—and so are fall creatures. You can try to catch fish such as sturgeon or bugs like the chestnut tiger butterfly.

Old-School Autumn Collection

“Fall” into fashion with seasonally inspired items available for crafting. The Old-School Autumn Collection includes items like olive classic suspenders, red-button waist dress, camel classic suitcase, and more!