Nintendo eShop Preloads Can be Cancelled

Nintendo have announced that Nintendo eShop pre-orders can now be cancelled up to 7 days before the actual software distribution date.

The new system comes into effect from today (September 1) and allows digital software pre-purchases to be cancelled seven days or more before the software becomes available.

The software will still be playable almost immediately on the release date as before, as long as payment has been completed and the reservation has not been cancelled.

Payment is taken from the user seven days before the game launches and no-longer when reserving (previously known as pre-purchasing) the software.

Users can view their reserved games from the reserved products page and cancel if they so wish (as long as it is cancelled outside of the seven day pre-launch window).

Software pre-purchased on or before August 31, 2020, can not be cancelled as payment has already been completed (including Pikmin 3 Deluxe and others made prior to today).

Reserved software will now only be pre-installed onto the Nintendo Switch system once payment has been completed (seven days before the software is playable).

A payment method has to be confirmed at time of reserving software, although funds do not necessarily need to be available at the time of making the reservation.